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    So I have a unique situation as regards the shidduch system. Im 21, my parents are divorced due to my father’s abuse of us. My mother is a convert, and both my parents made tshuvah when I was 5. I have an auto immune that will be in remission for years in a few months, and my mom has cancer. The thing is, I’m frum, I truly do love Hashem, I want a loving down to earth working man who will be a good husband and father. I don’t know how to approach this. I don’t fit the norm and I’m nervous. I want to start dating in a few months. Any advice?

    kj chusid

    The same God that made you and sustained you until now can surely find you a shidduch, daven everyday and do your hishtadlus, maybe with a shadchan who deals with special cases, Hatzlucheh


    Don’t wait for a shadchan to find you a shidduch.
    Even girls with perfect résumé are having a hard time finding a shidduch now.
    The best thing for you is taking the direct route.
    Go on Jewish dating websites.
    Find some frum single men there and send them a lot of text messages.
    Maybe you can snare a date with some of them.
    perhaps one of these guys will fall for you despite your handicaps.


    Sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve experienced, and I hope we hear good news soon! It’s a good idea to find shadchanim would work with special cases, but I would not limited yourself to that — definitely make use of frum dating sites (while of course being guided by your Rav). There are a lot of BTs, gerim and FFBs out there who are single and don’t fit the typical mold — even major family and health problems are fairly common. May Hashem help you find your zivug soon and without difficulty, and give you the emunah and bitachon to get through the whole parshah without getting stressed out!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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