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    so we discussed dating in the rain. how about right after a hurricane. there is no predicted rain just some high winds and EVERYTHING outside is wet.


    It is problematic for many reasons. What’s if the guy loses his hat to the winds and the girl realizes hey, “He’s bald” on the first date, or “hey he’s a half a head shorter than me.”

    What’s if the girl loses her wig, and the guy realizes

    “hey, she’s married before.” or

    It can lead to halachic Sheilos on CR.

    My date showed up wearing her rubber boots on the first date,

    very casual looking. Is this normal? Maybe it’s because of the storm, or maybe she does this all the time! I don’t want to date a girl that doesn’t know how to dress for a first date.

    (despite the points she scored for bringing me a poncho)

    Very problematic indeed.

    How’s about this guy starts talking about Irene and the cool vids he took of her. This girl fresh off the plane from brainwash camp in IL says OY VEY he knows other girls! has the Chutzpah

    of video taping them? and dumps him, tells the shadchan, ruins his

    name all because of a storm.




    make sure you know how to swim if you date after the hurricane.

    theres no public transportation , so you can either walk or take a car.

    be careful, dating after a hurricane is not tznius


    dating is never tznius. you go outside and boys can actually see you. in real life. Ah!!!


    it could lead to mixed dancing……


    bein_hasdorm that must have been so tramatic for you that she wore rain boots since we know you require fancy high heels. i’m sure that was the last date


    Great topic, thanks to every one. You really made laugh loud!


    People got married right after liberation of the holocaust. In fact there are stories of people who were married during the war too! Yes, the hurricane was a frightening experience but when you think into life, you realize it is not a picnic either!!!!

    YW Band

    Guys-guess what? I dated last night! So hah! I called up a bowling alley and cafe, looked online for the traffic report and b”h the roads were clear. Just that the cafe ended up being closed when I got there. I guess they weren’t getting business.

    Plus, there were tons of blocks without power in Kew Garden Hills. Hatzlacha to all daters!


    ootinny; I still have nightmares. How did you know I require fancy heels? Have we met? That wasn’t the reason I said No. I said no because the girl had no sense of humor.

    All kidding aside, I take it you misunderstood the humorous point of the story. It actually never happened to me. I was referring to a hypothetical of a guy complaining about a girl coming dressed casually on a first date. Not unlike a certain someone who very recently posted a similar scenario.

    What did happen to me was a hiking boots story, and you can quote me. “I require a girl not to wear hiking boot on the first date” unless said date was a scheduled meeting at the bottom of Mount. Everest, or the likes. I wouldn’t mind a jacket from The north Face, Colombia, or REI either, If I was still dating.


    I guess we’ll have to wait for the next one for this thread to be relevant. May it never come.


    Dude ur great the best time to go on a date is in the rain duuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and if ur bald if for u::((

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