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    Litvishe and yeshivishe are synonymous but i think that while litvishe describes more of a background, yeshivishe describes more personality- someone whose involved with his Yeshiva which typically means he’s frum, takes his learning seriously, and is 100% black hatter type…

    Chassidishe- real ones belong to a specific chassidishe community that follows the guidance of a specific Rebbe. A chassidishe person will follow the takanos set by his/her Rebbe.

    chassidishe boys can be “yeshivish” in sense that again they are frum, take their learning seriously…and identify with their yeshiva.

    here’s another term “heimish”- that term means s/t differently to many people:

    some consider a person heimish if he/she comes from hungarian descent…some consider heimish a person who merely comes from a chassidishe background but is not necessarily affiliated closely with the chassidishe circle…

    some pp consider heimish s/o who takes an interest in chassidishe seforim, minhagim, Rebbes’ tish, and mayb even s/o who speaks yiddish fluently and is part of his e/d lingo…

    I dunno what “rule book” ur refering to…if you mean those things that are obvious to e/o but not really written out…then I guess ya, this is one of those things!

Viewing 51 post (of 51 total)
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