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    I just want to share with you all what the current situation in Jerusalem is like(at least from my perspective)

    There is much tension. People flinch when they hear sirens. I am in a yeshiva locted very near to east jerusalem, and as such am within a 5 minute walk from where both of the attacks at the train stations occured. When crossing streets, I am hesitant if there are cars on the road at all. I watch everyone (constant vigilance!) and feel jumpy when I see people making sudden movements for their pockets. Nor am I alone in this possibly paranoid fear. A friend of mine has been selling pepper spray(mace) since just before the Gaza war, two days ago he sold more units than he has cumulatively up until then. People are calling this “the third intifada”, and as a result, are using busses and trains less often. My brother, who needs to use the bus to go to work, has begun taking taxi’s wherever possible. Up until the 2 weeks ago, I have been going to the mikva by the kever of Shimon Hatzaddik every erev shabbos (in the last year I have missed seven times), but now I feel too afraid to enter East Jerusalem in order to do that.

    All I ask of you, is to think about your brothers and sisters in Israel, who are afraid for their lives and their families lives. Daven for us. Whatever your political leanings are, whatever you think about the medina, even if you hold that all is terror is the Zionists’ faults, it does not matter. What matters is there are now Jewish lives at risk. Do what you can: daven, take on a small kaballah, anything.


    I keep Israel in my prayers both with tehillim and personal prayer for protection

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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