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    This is the thread where you can post if you want us to daven for you today.

    Please daven for me that I should do really well on my midterms, which start today, both the really hard course which starts in 2 hours and the moderately hard one later today.


    I davened for you and hope you do really well, please let us know how it went.


    Will do. Hope all goes well. Wish you good luck 😉


    someone in my family is having a sugery again for something that happend that a surgery a month ago was supposed to have stoped it,if someone could please have in mind!

    The Best Bubby

    Please daven for a 6 month old baby who has been in the Hospital since he was born and has had numerous operstions mainly on his heart. He is having major surgery today and the results will not be known for 6 months I’YH. His name is YECHEZKEL EMANUEL ASHER BEN MICHAL BRACHA. May he have a complete and speedy refuah shelama besoch kol cholei Yisrael and may the surgery be successful. Omein Kein Yehe Razon!

    May everyone’s tefillos be answered le tovah!


    Thank you the Goq and sharp.

    aproudbyg and TheBestBubby – hoping for the best.

    My midterms went fairly well BH. Now I’m so high on caffeine I may even be able to stay up long enough to post in the 1:00 thread.


    Just seeing this now – I was not on-line all day. Refuah shelaima to all those in need of one, especially the baby.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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