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    I got told off this Shabbos for davening aloud (not to loud) by people who were talking mundane talk louder then my davening. I am a Charedi, this was a Mizrachi Shul.

    Who was right?

    Me or them?


    If you’re talking about during Shemoneh Esrei, then they’re right.

    If you’re talking about the rest of davening, then you’re still wring. What are you doing in that shul?

    Sender Av

    you are both wrong. Both these things are highly distracting and inappropriate.


    Ok I know I may sound a little stupid with this question, but aren’t Mizrachis charedi?


    It drives me nuts when one guy in shul prays loudly enough during Shemoneh Esreh that it sounds like a swarm of bees. He is ten rows in back of me, and he is loud enough that I can’t tune it out. I thought at first that he was loud because the guys who just come to shmooze are back there talking, but he is the same when there are empty seats in the rows around him.


    What difference does it make that you are chareidi or that they are Mizrachi?

    The Wolf


    HK’BH doesn’t ask who is mizrachi in this minyan and who is Chareidi. If you like the minyan, davening is davening. I think the question of who was right depends upon when they scolded you. If they expressed annoyance that your loud tefillah was disturbing their mundane conversation, then it’s time they take their conversation outside. Shul is for davening, not talking. If, however, they, who generally talk loud, were complaining to you about how your loud tefillos disturb them during their actual davening, that’s another story. Then, I believe, they have a right to ask you to soften the volume of your voice. Loud tefillah that enhances kavanah might be customary in certain environments (yeshivos) but not in others.


    Wolf, I think he wants to know if the Mizrachis Daven loud or not. If he were in a Teimani Shul then he would be right.

    Feif Un

    Wolf: He wanted to imply that Mizrachi people talk durin davening.


    good point Derech Hamelech

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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