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    I am a big fan of Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. So much so, in fact, that I asked him what his mother’s full name is. He told me.

    What do you say? Can I daven for his success?


    No. Just like you shouldn’t daven to win the lottery or be able to afford a Lexus or to have Strawberry ice cream for dessert.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Whas the problem?


    What do u like about him?


    You can daven for anything you want. The wonderful thing is that God is listening, no matter how trivial the request.

    You can daven for health.

    You can daven for parnassah.

    You can daven for guidance in raising children.

    You can daven that you make the 7-10 split.

    You can daven that the Yankees win the pennant.

    You can daven that your wife makes your favorite food dish.

    In short, you can daven for anything that you like, including political candidates.

    The Wolf


    We should daven that whoever wins should have the wisdom and courage to do what is right, remember ?? ????? ????? ??? ??? and our choice is noting more then a sports game where we root for our favorite team.


    Wolf – daven for a sport team to win? I sincerely hope you are kidding.


    you can daven for anything that you like

    Avram in MD

    Stamper (or Hacham),

    daven for a sport team to win? I sincerely hope you are kidding.

    Just to get clarification of your position(s), which would you say is worse… davening for a sports team to win, or not davening at all?

    I do understand that some things a person may daven for are foolish, but is it assur for a fool to daven?



    One is not supposed to Daven for certain things. For example I asked a few different Rabbanim and saw in sefarim that regarding shidduchim one shouldn’t Daven that the girl I am going out with or being set up with should be the one. Rather Daven that the date should be a good date…

    We don’t know what is good for us, so sometimes we can Daven for something that is bad for us and Hashem will answer our Tefillah because we wanted it so badly.

    Give me a break II

    Be careful what you Daven for because you just might get it. You have no idea if this guy will truly be a good president just like nobody new in advance how Obama would turn out.


    The same way you daven for the Czar.

    kol daveed

    Hashem runs the world. Daven for a president who will show favor to the Jewish people and Eretz Yisrael. As for a particular candidate, it seems inappropriate because we cannot know what is good for us.

    Wolf – You’re correct in theory that you can daven for almost anything (although there’s a concept of tefillah shav brought in the ninth perek of Berachos – ie, one hears a scream and davens that it didn’t come from his house. Clearly because this is after the fact, it’s a wasteful tefillah). But, just because you can daven for nearly anything, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

    Avram – It’s better to daven for foolish things than to not daven at all. Given that Hashem already knows what we want and need, what’s the purpose of davening? It’s for us to realize and appreciate that He is the source of all. Davening for a political candidate is silly given that we don’t know what is good for us, but at least the person standing before Hashem is recognizing or coming to recognize who really runs the world.


    Wolf – daven for a sport team to win? I sincerely hope you are kidding.

    On the contrary… I’m absolutely serious.

    Look, to you (and I) a sports team winning may be a trivial matter. But to other people, it is a serious matter — for some it may be because there is a financial incentive (you can bet the owners of restaurants and bars around Yankee Stadium would LOVE for the Yankees to get to the playoffs, resulting in extra games at the stadium), for some it may be simply because they enjoy the sport. But God is there for us to pray for, for whatever is important to us. If the outcome of a baseball game is important enough to someone that they will pray for it, then He is there for that person to pray to. I don’t believe that God turns a deaf ear toward anyone’s prayer simply because you or I think that it’s trivial and unimportant. If it’s important enough for the person to pray about, then I believe He is listening.

    The Wolf

    Avram in MD

    kol daveed,

    Thanks for your response. I agree with all three of your points.


    just like nobody new in advance how Obama would turn out.

    Assuming you mean nobody knew, I would have to disagree. Some of us did and left the country.



    Why do you bother trying to correct everyone’s spelling and grammar?



    It probably makes her nervous. Everyone has something that grates on their nerves and this must be what gets to haifagirl


    Misspellings grate on my nerves too, being a former contestant in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.


    There is a story heard about the revolution. A 10 year old boy saw a 90 year old man pray that the the Tzar would survive. The boy asked how can you pray for the Czar to survive? The Man answered when I was a 0 year old we had a Tzar that was pure evil and when he died we were happy but then the next Tzar was even worse and then the third tzar died and we were happy again but he was even worse. And now I am afraid of what is in the future.


    I would think it’s Assur (or at least not recommended) to Daven for a particular candidate to win. Similar how the Gemara relates that one shouldn’t Daven to marry a particular girl.


    In addition to Davening, I am going to do my Hishtadlus. My Hishtadlus shall consist of relocating to a swing state/ battleground state, so that my vote is really & truly meaningful & has impaction.

    As we get nearer to the elections, I shall have to carefully evaluate & monitor, if it shall have a bigger impact, if I relocate to Florida, or Ohio, or Colorado, or one of the other swing states, but I am in touch with estate agents in all 3 states as well as some of the other swing states, as well as with moving firms, so that I can on very short notice relocate to the state which appears to be having the closest & hence tightest race.



    I have a question for you. If you are already moving why not move to your ethnic homeland? And you will also be able to do many more mitzvot

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