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    im sure im not the only one who needs an urgent yeshua and a ‘personal miracle’ and i’ve heard that purim is a very special time to daven as just like people should give tzedaka to anyone who asks, so too hashem answers all our tefillos to anyone who davens. in Baal Shem Tov times There was a terrible decree against the Jews. the Baal Shem Tov instructed one of his followers to go to a distant town and find a certain drunkard and bring him back to the Baal Shem Tov. The messenger was advised not to allow the drunkard to drink so that he would be sober when he came face to face with the Baal Shem Tov. he explained to his close followers that this person had done the great mitzvah of saving a girl, that of pidyon shevuyim and the Heavenly Court was so moved that it was decreed that whatever this person would ask for would be granted immediately. But then in Heaven a big debate ensued: how can a simple person be given such unbelievable power of blessing; maybe he will use it for the wrong ends? So they decreed that he would be a drunkard all the time and not even realize this power that was given to him.
    please can someone let me know if this is true. i need a yeshua, i need hashem to answer my tefillos

    Sam Klein

    Turn Directly to Hashem with an open heart in your time of Need and of course in your daily tefillos-and Hashem will be there for you to answer you for what is for your good. As we say 3 times a day in Ashrei, Karov Hashem…..

    All of us have heard, read & seen tons of true stories of people who had their first child at 42 or had a sick child in critical condition, & then the doctor says i’m very sorry but your daughter has only 3 hours to live & then he comes back 2 hours later & says its really a miracle but your child is beginning to recover etc…. Why is it that they finally had a child & the child recovered? There could be tons of answers, but the most common answer Is a Pasuk we say 3 times a day in Davening. Hashem is close to all who call to him, to all who call out truthfully. (Tehillim 145)Because they cried out from their heart, they really meant what they were saying when they davened to H-shem to have a baby or for his daughter to recover etc…. there’s a reason we call Hashem, Avinu She’bashamayim (our father in heaven) Hashem loves us from a father to a son & is waiting to put his Shchina (presence) & his bais hamikdosh back in this world. If we really cried out for the Bais Hamikdosh from our heart with truth & show that we are missing it, then we wouldn’t still be in Golus today.

    Hashem is Waiting to help out his loving children anytime as soon as we are ready and call out WHOLEHEARTEDLY for help and for the bringing of Mashiach bkarov etc…..

    Reb Eliezer

    Purim demonstrates that Hashem has us in mind even when we are sinning as Vashti was judged for execution in the middle of us taking part of Ahashveroshes meal.


    Hashem is in control and know whats best for you, now just give it up and relax



    A person is still required to do their hishtadlus rather its in their livelihood or in tefilla to Hashem for help. He can’t just sit back and say Hashem already made my entire schedule for the year on rosh Hashana so now I could just sit around and do nothing.


    “You can’t just sit back and say Hashem already made my entire schedule for the year on rosh Hashana so now I could just sit around and do nothing….”

    So NOW, 6 months later, you tell me……..

    Sam Klein


    You and everyone else alive today has a job and a mission to accomplish in this temporary physical world down here which means we should not be sitting around for even a few minutes or else we are stopping from working on doing our mission in this world towards completing it so we can be accepted by Hashem into the true world above where we all really belong serving Hashem face to face.


    The point of the story was that wherever we see a gezeira of being shikkur, it’s because there is a tremendous koach of tefillah. So on Purim where we all have to get shikkur we all must have a huge potential in our davening that day so don’t waste the opportunity.


    > So NOW, 6 months later, you tell me……..

    No, you are told 6 months IN ADVANCE!

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