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    My partner in Torah and I learned the haftorah tonight (Yechezkel 37) about the revival of the dead by Yechezkel.

    Rashi says in perek 1 that ‘?? ? refers to nevuah throughout Yechezkel. Same thing pretty much in 37. But she wants to know why the anthropomorphism of a hand, davka?

    (I kind of sidetracked it into the different levels of nevuah, how there’s 10 leshonos of nevua, and neviim, and the basics of maaseh merkava. She was satisfied. But I’d like a better answer for next time.)


    There is so much to ask about this haftarah. I had a rabbi and rebbitzen (the latter also a daughter of a rabbi and a Jewish Studies grad student) as guests for dinner last night and they declined to give divrei Torah on it. Perhaps one of YWN’s rabbinic consultants might give us some Torah to help us out?


    I thought you were talking about the comic strip, and wondered why charlie would have responded to that.


    I don’t think that this haftorah needs any hesber at all. The message is quite clear and poignant. If a visiting Rav came your shul for, say, shalosh seudos and delivered the haftorah as a shmues in the vernacular, you wouldn’t have any trouble getting the point. Sometimes we obfuscate the obvious by trying to explain it. Frankly, I have always thought that the Rashi afn ort identifying the atzamos yeveishos as the Bnai Ephraim who tried to leave Mitzraim on their own and got killed out for their presumption, actually detracted from the message of the nevuah.


    charlie: I agree and am honored that you also thought it was interesting.

    Redleg: The Torah is compared to a ????, it’s okay if you just like ???.

    It’s a beautiful Rashi with so much to learn. Just imagine! Some of our ancestors may have come from these Bnai Ephraim.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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