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    Hi Friends

    What do you think about this?

    I don’t want to give too much details to protect the innocent and the guilty, but suffice to say, I’m in Yeshiva (different shmuz) and I’m trying to study on the side and I need money so I found this remote job working for this guy.

    B”H he is a really nice guy (cannot be said at all about some other people I have had the displeasure of working for) and very easy and flexible.

    While the work is not that stimulating, I don’t dislike the work.

    Problem is payment; we wrote up an agreement and he promised me extremely generous commision for the projects we are working on and I thought that I’d be rolling. The only thing is that nothing at all went through and a few months later I’d still not made a penny.

    I sent him a nice email asking him if he’d pay me and he was very nice about it and he paid me a super basic salary for the hours I’d worked, but it seemed from him that it was more like a one-off and he still believes that we’ll make money and all that.

    So, while I’m writing this all out, it is becoming more and more obvious to me as it probably is to you that I should probably wish him a lechitigeh tumid and a freilichen peerim, problem is, I’m quite a nice guy and something just fell through and I don’t want him to think that I’m leaving him because of that but the truth is, without giving details, it seemed to me that if any of all the projects we were working on would work out, it would be that one and when that fell through I realised that he does not seem to have much mazal.

    I don’t know him personally but he seems to be older and he’s definitely tzefloigen  and not very savvy so I’m not very optimistic about anything working out that amazingly going forward.

    Also, these things are long term projects and it’ll take a long time for money to come through and either way, I don’t plan on hanging around.

    I don’t want to ask him for a regular salary because that’ll make it harder for me to leave and he may not want to, I’d rather work another two months and then ask him for another payment.

    I’ve also lost all cheishek for the job.

    I really want to leave yeshiva and go back and work and get married, but at the moment I’m stuck in yeshiva, I also feel that had I not been working up for him I would have been able to go veiter with my studying…though I also need money for my studying…

    Problem also is that in my situation it is close to impossible to find a job at all, I worked for another business, dishonest people…not nice people to work for…at least this guy is not unpleasant to work for but I mamish feel that I’m wasting my time.

    The reason I’m feeling resistant is because my other options are non-existent and I’m desperate for money. Even though I’m not really making any money and I’m wasting time working for him when I could be studying or even learning maybe a bit ( 🫨what??? nisht tzugloiben)

    Also, I lack backbone and I find it hard to go ahead even though I know it’s the right thing, and I also feel bad.

    Thank you for listening. This has really been therapeutic and writing it out has really clarified things for me.

    I would appreciate thoughts, empathy and job offers 😀


    What geographic region are you based in?

    Sam Klein

    Don’t worry cause Hashem already has your entire situation all worked out with a complete accounting and reason for everything happening the way it’s going. So just do your hishtadlus part and Hashem will take care of the rest and make sure that you have a livelihood as long as you remember with complete true faith in Hashem our loving father that in truth all the money comes directly from Hashem even though we worked hard for it. But who sent you the customer interested in your service or item for sale? As the famous Jewish line says ” Hakol biyedei shomayim chutz miyiras shomayim” which means everything comes directly from Hashem except for fear of Hashem and that’s the honest truth.


    Mishnichnas adar marbin bsimcha


    Israel, currently


    Sounds like it’s time to move on


    It sounds like you are trying to be more of a partner, working for future profits rather than salary – either out of desperation or out of interest in being a businessman rather than a salaried worker. Probably a combination of both. I was once in a similar desperate/promising situation and I proposed to the business owner that I’ll continue working for the minimal wage (in a low-wage state) he was paying me, but I’d get 10% of each software sale he will/might have. We almost struck a deal, but then talk to his Zeresh, aka accountant, at home and called me back amending the terms – “up to 10 sales”. That is, she was pre-envious in case I’ll share in their future success .. I left and I don’t think he ever had 10 sales …

    From the business POV, you should do more diligence when you enter into a partnership – first, evaluate the prospects yourself, rather than just relying on the partner and also defining better the terms with your partner. Halachik books recommend going through all possible situations in advance – what if one will leave, if you have no sales, too many sales, etc and put them into the agreement. Maybe ask to learn these sugyot in our yeshiva to make your learning more fun.

    Also, you may want to upgrade your technical skills to be of more value in business.


    thank you, definatly helpful. Probably most kedai to just leave the job and focus for the time being on my studies even though I won’t be making any money but will end up more qualified and have more job potential

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