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    Goq, Did you find any of our advice helpful in the end?? How was it this time? mind me asking How did it go with your neice?





    Thank you for asking sea, it went a little better as far as she’s concerned she was a little more talkative and didnt snub me like she had in the past overall it was an enjoyable Yom Tov i enjoyed spending time wih all the kids and beating them at backgammon and monopoly (uncle Goq shows no mercy).

    always here

    I was thinking of you, Goq …happy to hear it went well!:)

    I played a 6 hr+ long game of Monopoly w/ my 7 yr old granddaughter; it was her first ‘real’ time playing (by [most of] the proper rules).


    Monopoly played by the proper rules should never take longer than 90 minutes-2 hours. You guys found ways to give out extra money, didn’t you? (The Free Parking adds at least an hour to the game.)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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