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    I hope Hashem is everything you expected Him to be. I hope He greeted you with open arms and kissed away the tears that were surely on your holy neshama. I hope He’s giving you the grand tour of Heaven, wherever that may be. I hope He’s introducing you to your heroes, having you sit down and talk with Avraham Avinu himself. I hope He’s listening to you as you beg him to help your family overcome their loss. I hope the two of you are watching over Moshe ben Raizel from above, keeping him safe until we find him, because our people cannot cope with another tragedy. I hope you point out that the abundance of volunteers and the outpouring of tefillos for your sweet little neshama should make Him proud for having chosen us as His people. I hope He cries with you and explains to you why He put such evil and sickness into this world. I hope He holds your little hand and tells you why you needed to be so brutally murdered. I hope He shows you the special place you will reside for all eternity, among the holiest of holy, and gives you the direct pass to His chambers so you can be with Him whenever you please. I hope you find family and friends up there; the ones down here are broken. I never met you, Leibby, but you are my brother, you are my people, and through you I have seen that despite the many flaws of our community, we are still ONE and always will be.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Rest in peace, brother. Put in a good word for all of us. I love you.


    wow powerful words thanks


    Well said.

    Sister Bear

    There should be a like button. Thank you.

    giggle girl

    this is so beautiful and touching. may these words reach their destined place in Shamayim and may he hear these words and know that he is missed by us all – those who know him and those who don’t.

    May all our tears of pain be soon washed away by the happiness of the Geula!

    May we all be zoche to see the coming of Mashiach B’Mehaira B’Yameinu Amein!


    Amazing! I cried as I read this letter.


    Beautiful words is an understatement! Thanks, I think many feel just as you do!


    Beautiful letter but sounds like you are saying what you think Hashem should be doing….

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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