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    Be good- she went to bais yakkov high school she graduated in 02 ask anyone in that grade if they rem. an aron girl



    If a sick weird person who you suspect may be a danger to society lives in your neighborhood, but he never committed an actual crime yet (much like this guy), what can be done? You can’t jail him for what he didn’t do. And you can even institutionalize him against his will due to mere suspicions of future behavior. And as long as he is in society, he will live in someone’s neighborhood – he has to be somewhere. So what’s to be done?


    honolulu- you think that his unfortunate family needs to be exposed in a horrid way, and divulging such info ebout his sisters is necc?? Imagine the tremendous bizayon the family of the murderer is going through? Whatever he did- his HIS busines and HIS punishment to come, but does HIS family need to be publicied like that? NO. Thats unfair!! I think that its enough to discuss all our hate for this rasha and our sypathies for the Kletzky family- but lets not discuss the convicts family, its really unfair!!


    honolulu- did it have anything to do with him?


    I heard that the guy did know the boy but the cops now are saying something else.


    By the way, I had a vicious cat once that was just born “wired wrong” and we all know about dogs that have to be put down because they can’t be trained.

    Sadly, there are people who, while we can’t put them to death or in prison unless they commit a crime, need to be isolated from society because they are “wired wrong.” Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Arthur Shawcross, Son of Sam, the Unabomber and yes, Levi Aron – same psychopathy, difference in how early they were caught or when and how it manifested itself.

    This is genetic brain chemistry at work, or the effects of an infection in the womb, or who knows what. But until Moshiach comes, there is no being warm and friendly to these people. That is like petting a grizzly, or like idiots who, I kid you not, buy a black market pet lion or tiger and claim that they keep it from becoming vicious because they let it play with their children and don’t feed it meat.

    We need to sweep our moisdos out, and our neighborhoods as well. Maybe Ohel needs to build a group home for those who can’t be socialized – but it needs to be in the mountains (preferably in the furthest reaches of the Adirondacks or near Otisville and not in the Catskills where our summer camps are located) and the residents need to be supervised very carefully.


    please…to all of you who are posting info about the Aron family…stop. neither you nor i can even begin to fathom what they must be going through. I know quite a few of them and i know that they are wonderful people. please don’t make them suffer because they happen to have a nut job for a relative. think about if it were your family. leave the alone. i know that what im saying may not be popular seeing as the tragedy happened to the kletzky family, but an almost equal tragedy happened to the Aron family. seriously, i can think of little worse that finding out that someone you loved and cared for is a butcher. leave them be. vent all you want about Levi Aron, but leave the rest of them out of it.

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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