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    Shopping613 🌠

    You are in a land. A land where things could be a lot better, the grass could be greener, the fruit could actually taste good. You don’t feel safe in your land, it is a land full of pain and hurt.

    Next to your land lies a better land, where things run better, and you know, the best thing for you is to be there, in the nearby land. You will feel better about yourself, by happy, less stressed…

    But in between lies a wall of fire, you’ve touched it, many times, you’ve been scarred and burnt.

    What will you do?

    A) Wait until the right person comes along and can help you conquer the fire (though it WILL take a few years)

    B) Run, run away from the fire and find another way. You don’t know if there’s another way that will work, you could get killed in the process of trying to find one, if you do, it could take years to find another way, and by then it would just be a pity you hadn’t waited and got hurt more by running.


    C)Run through the fire, you have been burnt before, what’s another time? You might make it…probably even. You never know…

    This is NOT a stupid question, I mean, I know half of you will take this as a joke and find all the pitfalls of my mashal. But it is a Mashal, and the nimshal is a serious as this question. It has the same question in the end too even.

    What should you do?


    Use a fire extinguisher. Call 911.


    probably C for a few dozen times then if it still dosnt work B

    can you share with us the nimshal?

    ☕️coffee addict

    have other people succeeded in passing through the fire?

    ☕️coffee addict


    if this is about overcoming nisyonos your mashal doesnt work, the reason being is by a nisayon when you overcome one theres another one waiting for you, if it was just one wall of fire to this paradise (nisayon) then it would be a lot easier then enfitiy nisyonos


    coffe: still, i find that the best way to look at nisayos is not as many, if so then it would be to much to handle. rather look at each as a challenge on its own and (hopefully) overcome them one by one


    I often find that when facing a deep question, although to you (or whoever is facing the difficulty at the moment) the moshol sums up your entire problem without revealing details, it is hopelessly incompetent when asking advice. If you truly want advice, and it very much sounds like you do, give the story. If you don’t feel comfortable here, go to somebody – parent, rabbi, therapist – who you do feel comfortable in front of. The real advice can only be with every detail of the story.

    ☕️coffee addict


    but either way the beautiful field isnt through 1 wall of fire


    yekke: i agree, the moshal is never an exact parable to the nimshal

    coffee: that might be true, but it might be helpful to look at it that way


    showjoe – I am not just being pedantic, when asking advice, every tiny difference changes everything. Even when not asking advice, one cannot be ‘deep’ without a full understanding of the story.


    i would say either A or C

    btw, this is a great idea for a story, can i use it?


    ok, thats a valid point,

    im just giving my point of view on nisyonos

    lebidik yankel

    I stand with coffeeaddict: find someone who has navigated the flames and ask them how they did so. That seems the smartest thing to do.

    Shopping613 🌠

    It’s not a nisayon at all.

    I mean, I have something right now that would really help me with my life, it’s been given to me after a lot of hard work many people did…

    The fact is, I’ve been given this before, and it destroyed my life, it didn’t work right…

    This time, it could, I could run through.

    But I don’t think I am brave enough to do so.

    I am scared, scared to get burned again and this time, I don’t know if I’ll survive another burn….

    I also don’t trust the thing I’ve been given, after so many bad experiences with it…

    Everyone is telling me to run through…

    But sometimes I wonder, if it was THEIR decision, and they had lived MY life since the day I was born.

    Could they have done it?

    Is it fair to expect me to do it and get upset and think less of me if I don’t?


    I think maybe find someone that can help you. When something is very difficult it helps to have guidance. Also pray for strength and clarity . Remember, we don’know the future. What happened before might or might not happen again.


    “Also pray for strength and clarity” I do that all the time (not the former so much as the latter 😉 )


    Have u dealt with this before?

    Do u have someone to go to for guidance?

    The best advice is ask someone competent for help, It’s almost impossible to tell anything without knowing the facts

    Lots of luck! :-)and u sound like a real trooper rooting for u! 🙂

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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