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    Without a doubt the most friendly Secretary of Education to the Yeshivas was Betsy Devos, now with Jill Biden a member of NEA the shift will be what best for the teachers union.
    Union leaders top speculative short lists of contenders to be the next education secretary and will undoubtedly influence Mr. Biden’s choice. Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, and Lily Eskelsen García, a past president of the National Education Association, are among the names mentioned.
    This should scare the daylights out of every yeshiva parent


    Yeshiva autonomy is protected by the Constitution (under the Right to Privacy, giving parents the right to educate their children). If an originalist Supreme Court throws out the Right to Privacy, Congress would probably enact it as a statute, or propose a constitutional amendment.

    Government funding from goyim is always dubious and any yeshiva that depends on goyim to stay solvent is taking a big risk. If the government were to tie funding for yeshivos to hiring unionized teachers for secular studies, most of the modern Orthodox would be very pleased.

    Given the results of the Congressional elections, Biden is unlikely to do anything especially radical about any policy.


    There is so much fear mongering going on right now from the Trump supporters even before Biden is sworn in and develops his cabinet and administration.

    I am not surprised, but I am saddened that they will not even give him a chance.


    It’s nice to see akuperma can be a voice of reason every once in a while.

    It’s clear that common saychel does not know what he/she is talking about. For starters, he/she ends with a statement that yeshivas should be worried about crippling rules but offers no evidence. Does that sound familiar?


    @akuperm: “Given the results of the Congressional elections, Biden is unlikely to do anything especially radical about any policy.” I guess hashem sent the refuah before the Makkah, but they can still make peoples lives misrable with rules and regs.
    BTW I am 100% agreement with you about the overdependence of the yeshiva on government funds, my father told me that when all this started in the 50s and 60s they were a sizable minority who were opposed to using government funds for yeshivas.

    ☕️coffee addict


    Can’t he (or she) do this via executive order?


    @huhu all the evidence you need is that someone like Randi Weingarten is under consideration.


    Randi Weingarten is a lot bigger threat to public school parents than Yeshivas.

    With all her many faults when she headed the NYC UFT she didn’t pick fights with Yeshivas

    She focused exclusively on lowering the quality of education in the public school system


    ” Congress would probably enact it as a statute”

    Such a Supreme Court would even more quickly toss THAT statute out, because the Constitution does not give the federal government any regulatory power over education — unless the educational institution receives federal funds.

    “Can’t he (or she) do this via executive order?”

    No. See above.

    Multiple Supreme Court cases give parents the right to give their children religious education. States (not the federal government) CAN set standards and enforce them, though, although not for the religious part of education. New York has been regulating private educational institutions since the 1780s.


    Yeshivos won’t be treated any differently from any other “private” school under a Biden administration. They are likely to limit funding for “vouchers” that directly divert funds from public school systems but unlikely to limit funding progarms for religious school security, special-ed etc. where the courts have held do NOT raise Church-State/establishment clause issues. The biggest concern for yeshivas and all private schools will be the occasional efforts of local mayors and state governors such as DeBlasio/Cuomo who come up with some really stupid and dysfunctional programs.

    a pashute yid

    @commonsaychel im not scared cause i am a pashute yid with emunah.”man plans and G-d laughs”and ani maminbe emunah shelaimah … hu borei umanhig…


    From the Foward
    “Under President Donald Trump, Orthodox Jews, who have long sought government funding for one of their highest priorities, their schools, loved what they heard from the administration.

    Education Secretary Betsy Devos, a mega-donor to conservative education reform efforts, championed private and religious schools at every turn, and federal lawmakers paid them renewed attention.

    “School choice has been so important to the Orthodox Jewish community, and finally got its due not only among the administration but also in Congress,” said Rabbi Abba Cohen, vice president for government affairs at the umbrella Orthodox group Agudath Israel.

    Now, that’s likely over.

    President-elect Joe Biden expressed skepticism about public charter schools on the campaign trail and is expected to name an education secretary close to the labor movement, which generally opposes charter schools and programs that send public dollars to private schools.”

    a pashute yid

    I guess you missed the boat.


    go back to the Bais Medresh and open up a sefer

    a pashute yid

    is that a brachah?If it is,AMEN

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