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    Pretty immature when you have to resort to ad hominem attacks (Let me know if she agrees or not) instead of engaging in a civil conversation. But I can erect caricatures of people who disagree with me and bash them to a pulp too if that’s what you want, here goes.

    “Ben Shapiro isn’t a posek hador, Not everything you heard an edgy neocon Right-wing edgelord say is Torah MiSinai, and as far as I know I don’t base my feelings on abortion or other subjects on Christianity like you do. At least I don’t claim evangelical Christian hardline positions are Torah like you do. I don’t think supporting gun culture is hashkafically proper, and neither is supporting candidates who are personally mushchasim. You must hate the tannaim who established socialist policies such as burying everyone in plain wood caskets, and you would’ve felt right at home in hyper-capitalist Sedom and Amora”

    Dr. Pepper

    @ skripka

    I try to relate to others at their own level. I’d much rather have a civil conversation but when you write stuff like “That’s sick, dude.” you throw all civility out the window.

    In real life I avoid people like that but on a website like this, that’s geared towards Frum people, I feel that I need to stand up for השם and the תורה. If you want to hit the reset button and discuss our differences of opinion in a civil manner- I’m open to that. I’m confident that I’m not going to change your opinion and you’re not going to change mine but I’m always curious to hear the train of thought from those I don’t agree with.

    Until then, keep in mind that if you’re going to post Pro- Democratic stuff on a website geared to Frum people- other posters may write things that offend you.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “and you would’ve felt right at home in hyper-capitalist Sedom and Amora”

    Actually my RY HaRav Yochanan Zweig has said sodom was socialist and the reason they didn’t want people doing chessed it because they centralized it

    But hey I can understand why you think democrats are into “chessed” znus it is said is חסד לצד הרע


    skripka > . You must hate the tannaim who established socialist policies such as burying everyone in plain wood caskets,

    I agree, maybe we should tune in more into what halachik sources actually say? I think, they generally prefer market solutions and user fees, while at the same time providing safety net and human dignity when needed.

    For example, we give food upon request, but investigate whether they really need clothes. We give based on residency and based on minimal daily food requirements. We collect payments for security services proportional to the benefits to either lives or property.


    A good example is R Huna’s intervention into malfunctioning food markets:

    farmers were bringing food from villages and then whatever is left at the end of the week was lost. So, the farmers started bringing less to avoid losses, leading to shortages and higher prices. Classic market failure.

    R Huna started buying leftover food at the end of the week to increase supply. But he did not give away the food for free – this would create a “great society” welfare system, with poor expecting handouts, not buying, and destroying the market again. Instead, he sent that food down the river – not to be destroyed, as this will be asur, but to be picked up by downstream poor who will not distort the local market.

    I wish Pres Johnson learnt this Gemora …


    Jackk you are right, it is obviously Russian influence just like in 2016 that everyone is turning on Biden. I had no idea how pervasive the Russians were. So many people are falling for the deepfake debate and believing Biden isn’t fit to serve. First Hillary was cheated by the russians, now Biden, there should be another investigation!



    That would certainly explain Schumer’s backstabbing Brandon, aside from the fact that he loves misusing sharp instruments. His family hails from Chortkiv, once part of the Russian Empire and Putin must have activated his implanted beacon. Which would also explain why Chucky was recently seen guzzling Stoli with his undercooked cheeseburgers!

    ☕️coffee addict

    There are people that say that the assassination attempt at Donald Trump wasn’t real either

    I guess democrats are just not in touch with reality



    The Trump assassination attempt was actually a Russian expert sniper taking a precise shot at Trump in order to garner support for MAGA.

    Biden is getting it from all sides, I feel for him.

    Now I’ve heard the Russians are fixing all the polls in Trumps favor and black mailing people into wearing MAGA hats. What’s worse is they are convincing the foolish black voters into supporting him.

    Remember behind every Trump vote are many Russian agents and rubles just like 2016 but worse.

Viewing 9 posts - 51 through 59 (of 59 total)
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