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    What is a tzioni? Someone who actively supports the state of Israel, and goes to fight the chariedim on Y”H, or is just OK with Israel, and doesn’t really do anything about it.

    Reb Eliezer

    It says וראה בטוב ירושלים כל ימי חייך see the good in Jerusalem all your life. There is story with the Klausenburger Rebbe who was asked, why don’t you see anything bad in EY? He said, I am busy seeing the good העוסק במצןה פטור מן המצוה.


    To quote a notable Rav in Ramat Bet Shemesh, a tsioni is a Jew who loves Erets Yisrael. We all aim to love EY, and chas vshalom would never want to fall into cheit hameraglim and say negative things.

    In addition to the above, some culturally use this term to refer to one’s stance vis a vis the medinah. But let’s make no mistake. We are all, as frum Jews, zionists in the pre Herzl state of the word.

    Yabia Omer

    Ashkenazim have a neurotic and complicated time with Israel. Why do you complicate things. Israel is good. Nekuda.


    The classic definition was a Jew (in a rich western country) who sends a second Jew (from a poor backward country, such as Russia or the Ottoman Empire, but usually Russia) to Eretz Yisrael with a third Jew’s money.


    Are you asking whether they are all full fledged reshoyim or whether it is possible some of them are only tinok shenishba?


    ויהי שם לגוי מלמד שהיו ישראל מצויינים שם – “they were “goyim” there, this teaches us that those Jews were Tziyonim.”.


    Re: Reshoyim or tinok shenishba…
    Great question. Also…. Is somebody who is a mored against rabbonim and admorim who forbid Internet and certainly blogging , and especially 24/7 a rasha or a Satan addicted tinok shenishba?


    Jewdisim and Zionism are synonymous
    with one another
    Just depends which end of the spectrum of
    yishuv ha eretz all the way to making
    the blue and white flag ones avoda zara

    Reb Eliezer

    ואלה שמות’בני ישראל הבאים מצרימה’ ס”ת מילה indicating they were all distinguished because of their circumcision.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    What’s the difference between הגהות and ציונים?


    Yabia Omer as a Sephardic Jew I find it incredible that you say that ashkenazim have a problem and not us Sephardic do you know your own history the hundred of thousands of extremely frum Jews who after a single generation had no frum kids? STOP trying to divide us unfortunately we can both agree on the irreversible damage the tzionim caused to all jewery


    The belief that the current State of Israel has religious significance and isn’t just another government that happens to be good to the Jews.

    Avi K

    LOTR, a Zionist is someone who subscribes to Jewish Nationalism. He supports the State of Israel while disagreeing, sometimes strongly, with some government policies. He should also at least want to make aliya as soon as possible. He does not fight with Chareidim. Some of them fight but they are just proving how much they should enlist in the IDF.

    Laskern, he was a descendant of the Tzanzer Rebbe. Rabbi Abahu says (Chulin 63b) that the ראה (a type of hawk) is called that because he sits in Bavel and sees a נבלה in EY. The Tzanzer says that there is nothing more unclean than that.


    Re: The Ra’ah bird.
    It has 3 names , all mentioned in the Torah, so that no one can mistake it, since it was called by these names at different times. Rabbeinu Bachaye explains Rav Abahu’s statement in depth. It has extraordinary vision and when it looks into EY from across the border , it sees only a dead carcass… His eyes scan the good, the beauty, the positive, but ignores all that and only sees the bad . hence it’s tamei and Hashem gave it unclean features, because such a creature MUST be tamei. Ramban adds that the siman of unclean birds is DRISAH- predatory attacking and fressing, tearing apart , which forever makes it unclean.
    Luckily, most bird species are tahor ( Ofos hathorim merubim al hatmeim ) . Hameivin yovin.

    Reb Eliezer

    Avi K, I heard it says, מנגד תראה את הארץ, ושמה לא תבא if you are against seeing the land, you will not get there.

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