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    Resident Mortal



    If so, it is the first time the Democrats stole an election for President, while splitting their ticket and giving the Republicans a solid win in almost everything else. The Republicans won 2/3 of Senate races, split the House almost even denying the Democrats a workable majority, the state elections went well for Democrats, and referenda went poorly for the “progressives” (as socialists prefer to be called).

    Arguing that cheating Democrats elected Biden, while supporting Republicans for everything else is not a viable theory. Tammany and Boss Daley and the like, never split tickets.

    A better explanation, is that Trump was unpopular with many Republicans. Remember that Republicans in modern times have been hawks on foreign policy, in favor of small government and against deficits, tax and tariffs, and in favor of immigration. The Reagan Republicans turned out to support the party and win referenda, but enough were mad at Trump to affect the outcome.


    akuperma: Don’t forget the Reagan Democrats and the Trump Democrats.

    ☕️coffee addict


    Or that (which is what resident mortal is saying, I think) is that they made up ballots and raised the rally only for president because they knew they had to win that, and they’ll worry about the rest in two years


    The biggest raya that the Democrats didn’t cheat is that, despite tons of preparation, precautions, potential witnesses, lawyers, safe guards, and statisticians in place the GOP has yet to produce a single actionable piece of evidence. The best they were able to come up with was “we don’t have Republican witnesses at this particular point so we don’t know for sure that there wasn’t cheating”.


    Or perhaps as the midnight ballots were brought in they were entirely blank except for the top of the ticket. Those trying to perpetrate fraud had only one real goal.


    Get over it

    Reb Eliezer

    Put Up or Shut Up.


    @ResidentMortal: FAKE NEWS! Or is it fake fact? Unless you are the one that did the cheating or witnessed it with your own eyes, take it easy with your ‘facts’. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. And that goes for a lot of things.

    ☕️coffee addict


    “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. And that goes for a lot of things.“

    Like Putin rigged an election to get his “puppet” in?

    Or like there was quid pro quo regarding Ukraine?

    Give me a break 🙄


    Dems, how deep in the sand do you have to dig to stick your head and convince yourself “no evidence of fraud” ? First of all, NonImpeditRationeCogitations, extraordinary claims actually do *not* need extraordinary “evidence”. If for example, every single last registered voter voted, we ALL understand there is something tremendously wrong with that, and we ALL understand, that there was widespread fraud perpetrated in such a particular case-even if we don’t have that “irrefutable evidence” . Now let’s see, we have hundreds of sworn affidavits in Michigan all claiming and providing details of the same story-that a truck pulled up at at 4am, unloaded tens of thousands of ballots. Ballots were than scanned multiple times. Braynard and his team have a identified a staggering percentage of people who are listed as requesting an absentee ballot-and have never done so. Poll watchers not being allowed to observe. Sworn affidavits claiming illegal and unapproved software being uploaded to tabulating machines.
    And much much more. How about you guys take your head out of the sand, and read the affidavits. Read the lawsuits. Truth is all this can be resolved by a forensic audit of absolutely everything. The machines and the ballots. Yet Democratic leaders, and even some rino republicans refuse to allow this to happen. Without any plausible explanation at all. Yet we are supposed to shut up, accept the results despite the many irregularities and impossibilities? Witnesses and the trump lawyers aren’t required to provide YOU with the evidence they have. They are required to present it to the court of law. And they are doing just that.


    RM -“Democrats cheated, Biden won. –

    I’m sorry.
    I don’t believe this is a fact.
    Maybe it will be, but right now it’s Not.

    The SCOTUS will weigh in on the 2020 presidential election.
    Trump could still be President for the next 4 years.
    All the Xiatins missionaries believe this scenario will come to be!


    The time for “Put Up or Shut Up” is past. Now, Trump supporters, just Shut Up.


    Even Trump himself admitted on Sunday that his case will probably not make it to the Supreme Court.

    “Well, the problem is, it’s hard to get into the Supreme Court,” Trump said on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” after host Maria Bartiromo asked him when he expected his challenges to make it to the justices.

    “I’ve got the best Supreme Court advocates, lawyers, that want to argue the case, if it gets there. They said, ‘It’s very hard to get a case up there,’” Trump added. “Can you imagine, Donald Trump, president of the United States, files a case, and I probably can’t get a case.”

    Trump said that his cases, which legal experts have described as far-fetched, should make it to the high court, but did not predict that they would. ”

    It is only possible in Trump’s America that 70,000,000 people believe that the only way that they can win the presidency is to lose all the cases in every single lower court and in every single state whether they had Republican Governors or not, but still win in SCOTUS because Trump appointed 2 judges.

    It is bizarre. I listened to Mark Levin and that is exactly what he believes and what he tells his listeners.

    Reb Eliezer

    AG Barr himself said that he has no evidence to prove that fraud was in the election.


    Ok Dictator huju.
    Ps: did I make the “list”?(list of trump enablers to be prosecuted)


    Oh Jackk -“Even Trump himself admitted on Sunday that his case will probably not make it to the Supreme Court.”

    He’s got a defeatist attitude or he has Lousy Lawyers.
    Even I took a case to SCOTUS & I’m Not even a Lawyer!


    “Even I took a case to SCOTUS & I’m Not even a Lawyer!”

    I heard Trump is going to the same imaginary SCOTUS you did.

    Maybe he can win and be an imaginary President! Wouldn’t that be nice



    Trump has the exact opposite of a defeatist attitude. That is why he is still trying with the 2 joker’s who are not practicing law – Giuliani and Jenna Ellis. They are practicing public relations and idol worship to DJT.

    The president of the US , who is a personal billionaire , and just raised 200 million dollars ,has the choice of the best lawyers that Harvard and Yale Law ever produced.
    None of them will go near this case with a 10 foot pole because his case is a complete embarrassment. Similar to his whole 4 years.

    Please tell us which case that you personally brought to the Supreme Court.
    I would really like to know.

    Amil Zola

    So far the Republicans have lost apx 39 of their suits. Can you imagine the SCOTUS willing to hear all these cases, or even just 10? Folks seem to forget new evidence isn’t submitted to the supremes. The supremes will hear the previous rulings and rule on whether those rulings were constitutional or not.


    Amil zola, that is completely false. Most of those “39” weren’t filed by the trump campaign . The only cases they have actually lost were expected losses. That pa case has been appealed to the supreme court. Other significant cases are Sidney Powell in Michigan and georgia.

    Amil Zola

    Point of information, the PA suit advancing to the SCOTUS is a suit filed by the President’s allies and not the campaign or the President. It’s highly unlikely it will be heard by the court, because states determine how their elections are run.

    Resident Mortal

    Democrats lie and cheat to win the presidency. You had ballot dumps all going to Biden and then when you have hundreds of people swearing that they sow shenanigans happening they have the ordacity to still ask for the evidence. People get the death penalty for witness statements!

    A special shout out to Reb? Eliezer the democratic stooge that lies to prove his point that quotes Barr in saying that he has no evidence to prove that fraud was in the election while linking an article that says openly in the title “enough fraud to CHANGE the outcome of the election” nothing about there is definitive proof that there was NO election fraud.

    Mueller had 3 years to investigate Russia and you have John Durham still investigating something that happened 4 years ago with no end in site, there is no way the DOJ has enough time to prove enough fraud happened to change the outcome of the election but everyone with half a brain sees a ton of smoke and where there is smoke there is fire.

    Democrats cheated and won a Pyrrhic victory because 47% of electorate KNOWS they cheated to win.

    Reb Eliezer

    Mortal, you talk about lying, Trump’s every utterance is a lie.

    Resident Mortal

    Reb????? Eliezer

    Trump is a politician, politicians lies. Your a yid (I assume so) and shouldn’t have to resort to lying to win an argument, but you are a democrat so its understandable.


    To torahvalue: You overrate my authority. I cannot issue orders, I can only give suggestions and advice. As for a list, I know nothing about any such list.

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