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    Since Biden has been elected and the modern day version of the red shirts have taken power:

    The Border is out of control
    Inflation higher and will be even higher if they pass their communist packed infrastructure bill
    Stock market is not as strong as under Trump
    They gave the Taliban enough time to plan for the day the US abandons the afghan citizens without a plan and gave them humvees and drones and the state embassy had to flee for their lives. Iran knows the Biden administration is clueless and is senile and kamala Harris is less competent.
    In other words nothing has gotten better

    To deflect from their disastrous America last; toeiva and radical Islam first policies the only thing they managed to do was to push Cuomo out of power

    This is the worst administration in the history of the US and whoever here voted for this deserves to be shamed in public.

    Reb Eliezer

    I am more concerned about Israeli government.


    Joe Biden is mind-bogglingly incompetent.

    What else is new?


    >I am more concerned about Israeli government.<

    Sorry, the Chief Rabbi of the CR has declared that one may only be concerned with the affairs of one’s own country.

    Reb Eliezer

    MadeAliyah, aren’t you concerned with your own country?

    ☕️coffee addict

    I wonder, if Trump won, Bibi would still be prime minister

    And I wouldn’t be worried about either


    I worry about the entire world. Incompetent leaders are the results of a decaying society. The immorality of today’s society is staggering. I needed to look up something on a NYS government website and the first thing that popped up is that NYS is paying for surrogate pregnancies so that all kind of “couples” that cannot naturally have kids should be able to have them. Can you imagine how the next generation of children will be, no normal father’s or mother’s, the kids won’t know who that parents are, they won’t have roots, in such a society there are no morals. Kids today are being openly and legally abused and no one says anything. Here and there we have a Rebulican politician speaking out in the Senate but nothing more than that. Looting is endorsed if you are a certain color ..etc, etc.

    Economically, the US is heading down the same road as Venezuela and previously rich South American countries turned disastrous.

    And in Israel, the fact that the government is legitimizing the Reform/liberal movement is very scary, they are undermining their own existence.

    We need Moshiach now otherwise I don’t know how we will be saved when we are heading towards the edge of the cliff.


    Reb Eliezer, I am concerned with your own country, but if I focus on it to much I might end up needing Prozac, so I focus on the states instead. Weird, I know, but it works.


    What does blood on the hands have to do with egg on the face.

    While most Afghanis favor democracy (unlike Vietnam where it was the west that opposed free elections, expecting the communists to win), they are very un-woke. That the Democrats would stab them in the back was to be expected, and the fact that the Trump supported this only shows how far the Americans have fell from the days of Reagan and Kennedy who made support for freedom everywhere, regardless or race or religion, into the cornerstone of American foreign policy.

    Shimon Nodel

    Did you create this expression?

    Shimon Nodel

    It’s ok, no need to panic. This is just the best setup in American history for an absolutely crushing defeat for democrats next year. Well, unless they cheat of course… yeah we may be in for some major trouble. Cheating aside, Republicans are in a very good position to win. Of course Republicans are the best at losing and doing nothing when they win. But you should know that American youth is trending increasingly more conservative, contrary to what they tell you that it’s only old white guys.

    Reb Eliezer

    When ir comes to Afghanistan the egg is shared between Trump and Biden. The Torah alludes to this. When takung over EY be careful not to leave it idle, uninhabitat and be overrun by wild animals. It should be done like the lechem hapanim by always having bread on the shulchan. Afghanistan as Iraq is being overrun by terrorists. Nature abhors a vaccum.


    Trump didn’t leave Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban did. Obama also promised to bring troops home and he didn’t. Yes I’m saying Biden is worse than Obama.


    While i am sure that the politicians will point fingers at each other, Biden will blame Trump and Trump will blame Biden.

    Yet, one thing remains clear, there are many people that have and will lose their life in a very brutal way, its a horrific situation and should have never come to this. If one has any regard for human life it should bother them to the core.


    2scents -“If one has any regard for human life it should bother them to the core.”

    You’re joking.
    Since when do DemonCrats care about Human Life?!?
    Ever hear about something called “Abortion”?!?


    Saigon # 2, need we say more?


    RebE > Afghanistan as Iraq is being overrun by terrorists.

    (part of the ) Iraq was overrun by terrorists by the way Obama left it. And he also blamed Bush for that. Possibly were Hillary elected, ISIS would have still be there. Biden had an immediate view, and probably a hand, at that. All he learned was that if you blame others and avoid taking responsibility, you can survive politically.


    RebE > the egg is shared

    Look up current articles by military people, such as Gen Petraeus, McMaster and even partidians like Seth Moulton, or blogs by US Army veterans, see what they are saying. There is a legitimate military argument for policy – to stay or to leave, and the way it was implemented. For example, many, including Moulton, say that government was not responding to their pleas to start helping those Afghans who were working directly with US military until it was too late.

    The underlying theme seems to be arrogance of inexperienced liberals who never ran anything that they know solutions for the problems and hate those who disagree with them. Obama’s brigade was lucky that their early public failure was just a sign up website, and they eventually hired people who know how to make websites. And when thy left Iraq, the country was already functioning, so it did not crumble immediately.


    We just had a parsha with Hashem giving us a mitzva to be empirical with potential demagogues, navvim sheker – check their predictions. I think Biden’s unprompted very specific prediction on July 8, less than 40 days before it happened, qualifies: “There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the—of the United States from Afghanistan. “. Do we accept navi sheker defense when he blames the previous naviim?

    Reb Eliezer

    AAQ, I don’t know what you talking about neviim, chacham is greater than navi, currently there are no neviim, and I don’t know if you listened to Biden’s speech who took responsibility and he answered your questions.


    The White House has eggs on the lawn once a year.

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