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    Michelle Obama 2024. Can anyone beat her?


    …beat Michelle Obama

    Attacking an old lady (and former First Lady) would definitely get you thrown in jail, “elder bashing” is consider outrageous, and unlike the House Speaker’s husband, she is protected by the Secret Service

    P.S. and in any event, the Democratic Party has a secret weapon which is used very effectively in the 2022 election – they run against Donald Trump; they managed to convince most voters to overlook Joe Biden’s flaws, which was a major accomplishment

    Sam Klein

    Even a lowlife in Florida can beat her Michelle Obama in the 2024 presidential election race.

    If you think she even has a chance to win a presidential election race then you should seek immediate help and assistance. Unless she wins by corrupting the voting system machines like Biden did in the 2020 Biden Trump election race for president.

    Let’s make sure to remind ourselves most important thing of all who really runs THE ENTIRE WORLD and every tiny city and state and country Hashem the king of kings ruler of the entire world…..
    Has already decided and sealed chosen who will be the final results presidential election race winner for 2024 new president


    Sam you dont seem to understand the world we are living in. The media, social media, and political agendas of the left have managed to push their views on most of the world influencing them with leftist and liberal views. Michelle Obama is female, black, and an Obama. They will have an opportunity to make history with these categories and people buy into that, aside for the fact that so many love the Obamas. It can be very dangerous to Republicans and make it almost impossible to win especially for Trump.


    your 2nd and 3rd paragraphs are somewhat contradictory
    In the 2nd par. you are arguing the political likelihood
    In the 3rd you point out that statistics and likelihood are irrelevant


    I don’t think the Obama family are left enough for today’s democratic base, the same way McCain isn’t right enough for the Republican base. Everyone’s gone insane.

    ☕️coffee addict

    The secret weapon is Trump

    Everyone (except for him) knows that he’s a flawed candidate and wouldn’t win in the general election so if he’s the Republican candidate he’ll lose and if he isn’t the Republican candidate he’ll run third party and will take away votes from the republicans (democrats would never vote for him)


    What accomplishments does Mrs. Obama have that anyone should vote for her to hold the nuclear suitcase? That she bakes great cookies?


    When will HaRav HaGaon Morenu V’Rabbenu Donald Trump reveal himself as Moshiach so we can end all these tsaros?


    > Michelle Obama 2024. Can anyone beat her?

    Is this a play on: Pres. Obama, when did you stop beating your wife?


    Ujm, accomplishments dont matter at this point. Plenty will vote for her since they just love Obama no matter what and are hypnotized by his and her talking points and manipulative tactics. Also as we can see the left will vote for anyone but the republican candidates. I mean what did Biden accomplish? Hochul? Fetterman? Or any of the other democratic candidates who always seem to win no matter what they do.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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