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    which do you plan to vote for and why?
    which have you gained more from?
    which do you think you will gain from more?


    The Democrats support gross immorality, abortion, toeiva and terrible social policies to a far greater extent than their political opponents.


    Who is this due by?
    how many words does it have to be?


    i’m independent, so will vote for best candidate.
    will, never, ever, chas v’sholom, ever vote for demagogue, con-artist, liar, lecher, sore loser donald trump. he may be the messiah for many frum jews, but not for me.


    I would have assumed that most voters would have the common sense to wait and see who are the candidates for a particular office at a particular point in time and what policies and positions they advocate. However, that sounds quite old-fashioned in the contemporary polarized world of American politics.


    I won’t vote for any because the system is rigged


    #moishekapoieh, כשמו כן הוא. In your first statement you said you’d vote for the best candidate, and in your second sentence, you said you would vote for the worse candidate if the better candidate is Trump. That’s about as MoisheKapoieh as it gets.

    TS Baum

    You sound much more like a democrat than an independent. In fact, you ARE a dem, not an independent.


    so nice that people here know what party i belong to. maybe you could also tell us when moshiach will arrive.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Are you kidding?


    my personal opinion is that no jew should ever look at the candidates personalities period.
    this is America we are talking about
    you can assume that all politicians are liars, cheats and thieves whether Republican or Democrat.
    if you are voting in an election then you have to look at the actions, the party lines, and where those politicians stands in particular.
    for instance,
    say we have politician x here who is a democrat. he supports abortion and all the other party ideals.
    he is an honest and hardworking individual.
    then we have politician y here. he supports all the republican ideals. but he is a politician with a history of benefiting out of politics

    is it really worth voting for x just because he is a nicer of the two?
    or do you have to look past the fact that he is a nice man and look at the statement that says that he is voting on bills that will kill millions of unborn babies
    do you believe that children’s lives actually matter?
    and don’t tell me that abortion is the only thing i dont agree with.
    in today’s politics if you vote for one party then you vote for all that party is
    so, do you vote for: abortion, flooding the country with illegal migrants, and all that entails of the democratic party?
    its up to you and whether you believe the principles you were raised on


    @participant that comment was actually funny


    which do you plan to vote for and why?
    Will wait to see who’s running. Biden has been pathetic but cannot vote for Trump, so it’s about context. Yes, personality matters, particularly when someone’s ‘quirks’ resemble a dictator. At his rally yesterday Trump asked his follows to demonstrate if the government ever came after him with something he deems illegal or wrong. As I understand, German Jews were also surprised when their cherished democracy also disappeared. Not to put too fine a point on it, but just saying.

    which have you gained more from?
    Democrats definition of “gain” includes more than just personal gain. Ensuring a Muslim or even an idol-worshipper can basically practice his religion is a long-term gain for us too, that’s just how American legal system works. Laws don’t change religious views or abortion rates, they only increase and exacerbate opposition. There are more effective ways to influence morality. Yes, it’s a “slippery slope” and some rights I cannot support. But if you vote for a democrat for certain reasons, it doesn’t mean you agree with them on every issue.

    Finally, I value long-term stability over “solving” short-lived hot button issues. No one will be making a seudas hodah 100 years from now celebrating the day America recognized Jerusalem.

    Reb Eliezer

    er, I agree that voting Democratic does not mean you agree with everything.


    “Its up to you and whether you believe the principles you were raised on…”

    RebPhil: Agreed. Thats why some of us, as a matter of PRINCIPLE, could never vote for such a vile, racist and narcissistic psychopath.

    TS Baum

    I’m not sure who you are talking about. Care to elaborate?


    No. מובן מאליו


    I’m a conservative.
    I have been a conservative for years.
    I have been having political arguments (in a fun way) with people why conservative policies are better for our country and ultimately for the individual, for a long time.
    However, when there isn’t a Republican candidate that I approve of, for any reason, I don’t vote.


    @amom so if there is nothing that appeals to you dont do anything?

    is the top consideration when voting what the candidate spews? or is it what they do that matters?

    while trump may say stupid stuff, certain things such as the entire Ukraine fiasco could have been avoided if we had a president who Putin would be afraid of. However I do agree on the long term stability idea which you pushed.

    Another issue with joe biden as president is that he is dishing out TRILLIONS of dollars and putting the United States in debt further than we were before. That money is going towards people not working. Where is the motivation to go to work when you are being paid not to go? Also inflation has never been higher.



    “The Ukraine fiasco could have been avoided if we had a president who Putin would be afraid of.”
    What Ukraine fiasco ?
    You think Putin cares about who is in the White House whether he is going to further invade another country ? Last I checked , Putin is a dictator and will do whatever is best for himself.

    “Another issue with joe biden as president is that he is dishing out TRILLIONS of dollars and putting the United States in debt further than we were before.”

    Sorry, the former guy raised the debt by 9 trillion dollars. Do you care about that or only care when a democrat raises the debt

    Furthermore , he is not giving the trillion towards people not working. He is using it for american workers to rebuild american infrastructure.


    putin only built up troops because he is not afraid to.
    however now that he has he can either attack or slink back and look like a coward.
    he would have never built up if he was afraid that there would be retribution.
    and yes i do care about the debt no matter who raised it. also where did you get that information from?

    while he may be giving parts of it to american workers a lot of it is going to motivating people to stay at home.

    america needs a president who has a long term plan to lower national debt increase power to the states and actually make this country great again.

    trump may not be the best option but if he is the best option then why not vote for him?

    increasing inflation is by no way helping the economy
    that also includes driving up gas prices by shutting down pipelines.

    do you enjoy this country in a downward spiral?


    You can google the National debt and find it. It is public info.
    My mistake. 9 trillion is wrong. It is actually between 6.7 and 8 trillion depending how you count.

    You have no proof that putin was afraid of Trump. Why should he be afraid of him when trump ditched syria and made an agreement to ditch afghanistan. He couldn’t make a deal with NK.

    Putin is afraid of NATO which could destroy him.

    None of the money is for people to stay home.

    How can you say that a person who lost an election and then tried to overthrow it is the best person to be president ? Are you an anarchist or a traitor?

    I don’t enjoy this country in a downward spiral. We do not agree on what is a downward spiral.
    I think that people who support an insurrectionist and believe that he is the best person to be president as a deep downward spiral into the toilet bowl of america losing it’s democracy.

    Oil companies are laughing straight to the bank when they raise prices and you blame it on a pipeline. So are all the other companies who are now raking in record profits. This is capitalism at work.


    jackk, it might be a coincidence but all amputations of Ukrainian territory happened under Obama and Biden, and not Trump. Georgia did happen under Bush, but there was some resistance shown there.

    It is unprovable but seems plausible that if occupation of Crimea were resisted or lead to real consecutives, then Eastern Ukraine might not have happened.

    Unfortunately, half measures (such as light symbolic sanctions) seem not to work here. George Bush played Trump at Budapest NATO summit trying to convince others to have Ukraine and Georgia in NATO until he annoyed them. Maybe there will be a new defensive block consisting of US,UK, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Georgia, Scandinavians, leaving West Europeans to fight their greatest enemy – global warming. I am sure Estonians can accidently cut through NordStream 2 on their own.


    look at history for a second and see where communism takes you
    oh but its not communism?
    socialism is the gateway to communism
    communism=no religion no free speech
    even if it were true socialism, that dosent work unless you have a government that wants to actually help the people
    otherwise you get communism

    also i dont inherently support donald trump
    i think he is a idiot but there is no better option.
    we shall see who runs against him in the primary…


    a debate here will be actually interesting if we could use our Jewish norms to argue, rather than repeating partisan messages that have no regard for emes, just aiming to convince someone. It is true for both sides.

    for example, the “debt” discussion purposefully conflates spending, often to allies, with reduced taxation. If I take jackk’s money and spend them in a casino and now “we” owe money – is it the same, as if I return money to jackk and now “we” do not have money, but jackk does?



    I agree with you about a real debate.
    I find myself at times posting things which I do not really believe in (gasp!) just because the other side used a partisan, low IQ, non-nuanced, and trolling-type of argument.


    jackk > I find myself at times posting things which I do not really believe in

    Patient: Doctor, Doctor, it hurts when I do THAT.
    Doctor: Don’t do THAT.

    oops, wrong thread.



    Doesn’t hurt to respond.
    Hurts not to respond.


    jackk, I see, but just picture that you are talking to a friend in person and talk accordingly.
    R Yohanan told his students to respect Hashem as they do mortal kings – respect to those you can perceive directly is more real. This applies not just to online discussions. Also, people in cars are often less respectful than when walking in front of someone. You often see people cutting others off when driving, but rarely while walking.


    Conservatives support Israel.

    It doesn’t mean they specifically support Bibi.

    IMHO, I am not a fan of Bibi or Bennet.

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