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    Does anyone know of that old Eastern EuropeN story where like there was this pack of demonic dogs that somehow got banished and “taken care of”?

    I’m apt to think it’s something that had to do in Prague with the Marharal?

    Speaking of which, has anyone ever tried going up into the attic of shul where the Golems remains remain? Whatever happened to them?

    Speaking of which, I haven’t been around much since 2012 … whatever happened to poppa bar abba and wolfishmusings and zeeskite?
    Curious minds want to know


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    Wolffish still posts sometimes


    Pi what happened to poppa bar abba

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    Spill the beans… what WAS your Screen Name?

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    I’m figuring it’s arwsf

    Welcome back btw

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    I missed that last word! WB ARWSF.


    Rambam, Hilchot Nizikei Mamon, chapter 5, paragraph 9:

    The chachamim prohibited the raising of pigs, in every place,
    and also dogs, unless it is restrained with a chain…
    and the Sages said:
    Those who raise dogs or pigs should be cursed,
    because they often cause damage.


    The story was in the “Golem of Prague” book by Gershom Winkler. I just looked it up out of curiosity, and it’s in Reb Yudel Rosenbergs’ נפלאות מהרל which is the origin for pretty much all the Golem stories, but it’s of highly questionable accuracy.

    In Prague, there was an abandoned building that people saw strange things around. One merchant passed the building and saw a scary black dog come out, run around him, and go back inside. The man then started having dreams where he was riding a giant dog like a horse in a cavalry charge with other men and they were all barking and howling like dogs. The people in his house noticed that he was sweating, and barking in his sleep. During the day, the man was visibly weakened. After three nights they brought him to the Maharal. The Maharal checked his teffilin and tzitzis and found both to be pasul. He said that this merchant is missing his Malachei Shmira and that’s why the tumah from the building affected him. The man fixed his tzitzis and teffilin, put on an amulet with the pasuk “ולכל בני ישראל לא יחרץ כלב לשונו” and some Kabbaladike letters inscribed on it, and was told to trade beds with Yosele Goiloms for a week. After the week was up, the Maharal instructed Yosele Goilom to burn down the building and no harm came to anyone from the building again.


    Just a thought
    The Chacham Tzvi a grandson of the Maharal wrote a Sefer about golem’s, and did not once mention any golem created by his own grandfather.
    Seems highly unlikely that the Maharal ever made a golem.


    And I thought this topic was referring to Hamas, yemach shemom.


    Thanks for the welcome ZK and little froggie. What was little froggies previous name?

    Seriously what happened to the funniest guy in the coffee room? Poppa?


    PBA has been MIA from the coffee room for a very long time. It was PBA and someone else, I forgot their username, but if I remember they used to mainly post during Bein Hazmanim, which got me to read the CR posts.

    And of course Mod 80.

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