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    Does ANYONE actually eat buhkser?It’s hard as a rock!

    But it’s sold yearly for Tu B’shvat to remember the carob tree that sustained Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai,I understand.

    Is there a more edible form of Buhkser that does not create loose teeth?

    Carob powder is a healthy substitute for cocoa powder,so maybe Pomegranate can sell fancy carob cookies,or something.

    We really celebrate Tu B’shvat in style,so I’d love to see someone trailblaze “Edible Buhkser”(as opposed to edible wigs-see sheitel thread)


    its only once a year cant you make that sacrifice on your teeth? for religis sake.


    You may be surprised to (or not surprised if you would see the other things they eat) but I’ve seen people here buying it all the time. granted I don’t know if they are planning on eating it or using it to carve diamonds out of the mines. But still…


    Since dried buhkser have a long shelf life they are very prone to bugs & need bedikeh.

    If I remember correctly the prepacked Tu Bshvat assortments with

    Hashgacha haven’t had buhkser for ages

    personally I doubt it has anything to do with Minhag Yisroel & RASHBI’s carob tree. Very simple this time of year there was no fresh fruit to be had & buhkser was just one affordable dried fruit


    There is carob spread (from Israel). It tastes delicious – pretty much like the chocolate spread but is healthier – also available sugar-free.


    i heard that you should soak it in water for a while to soften it a little


    EEW, EEW, and EEW.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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