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    My kids really like the Agent Emes DVDs. We also have YBC Live 1, 2, and 3 (at my son’s insistence!).

    We also use Norton Safety Minder which allows you to set what times they are allowed to use the computer and what they can/can’t see. I can block whole categories but add specific websites they’re allowed on. (,, Webkinz)


    it is sad that these kids are being exposed to things that their community and family would not want them exposed to. but definitely not everyone does it. i agree with mytake about talking to your child and davening! different people have different taavos. it may, however, not be wrong for everyone (though finding purely clean stuff nowadays is very difficult), but it is a matter of who you are, who your community is, and what level of kedusha you choose to have in your home. one’s kid learning shapes from an innocent show may have nothing wrong, but you are exposing them to watching things on the TV and/or computer, but it all depends on where you live – hard to raise children to be frummer than their neighbors and friends.


    I think that even perfectly kosher shows and dvds are bad for children.

    The problem with even kosher ones are when kids are in class, their mind is on the movie they watched.

    True, children need an outlet. How about doing some arts n crafts? playing a game? drawing, painting, playing music, reading? How about saying some tehillim, or learning?

    I allow my children to watch MBC and YBC. I wish I never allowed it. They would have been much better off.

    I used to allow The Berentstein Bears. Bad idea. The moment my 5 yr son came home from cheder, he wanted to watch TBB. If I didn’t let, he cried. I no longer allow it, and what does he do instead? He plays lego, clicks, memory game, or we just talk. He reviews kriya even if he already reviewed it once.

    Nobody on my block allows their daugthers to watch movies. All the girls are bh very well adjusted. When they get bored, they find themselves something to do. Movies dull a persons mind.


    man, u guys are niave…it only gets worse as they get older.

    i can say personally, i didnt feel a love for judiasm in my home, until i went to seminary in israel and experienced it by many people living there who really love torah and hashem.

    its hard for kids these days cause parents send mixed messages…i feel really bad, but to be honest after seminary i tested the waters to see what was out there, bh i think ive straightened out since then but itll always be a part of my past.

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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