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    The ones that looked professional even though they werent, with adult goodies only.


    you are clearly from brooklyn. Why is everything in that city a competition??????????

    in that city your chusiv if you spend tons of money on your shaloch manos and if u give tons of people. to me ur a total idiot if you do that. People spend thousands of dollars just so t5hey can be the talk of the town. everyone needs to grow up. this isnt first grade where all the kids compete over who gives the most nosh, give something respectable and nice. THATS IT NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS.

    it bugs me when im on 13th ave around purim time and i see all the stores selling shaloch manos for crazy prices. everyone GROW UP

    doodle jump

    A long time ago, I made misholach manos with a bottle of champagne, ( maybe it was white wine.) fancy crackers, a wheel of cheese and grapes.




    my sister and i always give custom made salads…either fruits or veggies, and our friends give us sugar candies and chocolate..which we dont want….although i do like halva 🙂

    my sister always says its about what you give, but why work so hard?? im just giving everyone a bottle of beer and pretzels…


    chayav, you got the wrong person! I like mine to look like I put loads of effort into it and like I spent money but I DONT! I often get the stuff from 99 cent stores, but with a little thought and good taste, they look classy.

    Tell me if Im wrong, but the days of adults giving potato chips and popcorn is over, no matter where you’re from.

    AND Susie Fishbein cookbooks with all the elegant and time/resources costly recipes arent only sold in Brooklyn.

    Soooooooorrrrrry! Let’s not be BOROUGH-BIASED here!

    I laugh to think that s o m e Brooklynites might spend a couple of dollars on Shalach Manos, but a very very small percentage of Brooklynites spend $1500+ a head on elegant “keep up with the Kleins and Grosses” Pesach vacations!!! ROFL!


    Tell me if Im wrong, but the days of adults giving potato chips and popcorn is over, no matter where you’re from.

    You’re very wrong.


    canine, ok, the communities where people spend 1500+ a head on Pesach vacations (and there are lots, based on the many pages of advertisements with locations throughout the globe) have to give potato chips and popcorn. Thats smart budgeting!



    I got one so classy I had to explain it to the DEA.


    we got sugar cookies with chocolate sprinkled on top in a beige and brown bag, a chocolate liquor and some chocolates in a brown and beige container. Very pretty, and not too hard to make!!

    We made one year an apple theme; red and white gingham container (with bows on the corners, know what I mean?), two apple turnovers, an apple juice and a red apple. It was really sweet!

    (Although not very classy)


    The classiest we got were the simplest ones with homemade goodies, though one that I received last year had a beautiful baroque frame included in it, and I liked that myself. The classiest we gave, were the ones my mom O”H made together with her four children. We made hamantashen (and hers are STILL the best I have ever tasted), chocolate chip cookies from the Toll House recipe (again, the best version of cc cookie there is IMO), little bottles of grape juice, a fruit (usually oranges or tangerines), some miniature chocolate bars, and a package of potato chips. we also used to include peanuts in the shell and a small packet of raisins, most years. The packages were simple, non-competitive, and given with love to a bazillion people, including the non-frum neighbors.


    Oomis: Mind sharing your choco chip cookie recipe? (Sorry for hijacking the thread, it’s just that I was looking for a good recipe.)

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