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    d a

    (is that d a?!)

    Anybody know about it? Is it a good program? Does it cost more, less or the same as a regular graphics school? Please give me any info you know about it. Thanks!


    I found out some info about it because I was thinking of signing up. If you check their website they have student testimonials. And if you call them, they can also give you references- names and phone numbers of people who took their courses. I think the prices were about average for graphics courses. It seemed pretty interesting that teach people from different time zones all together. But its nice that you can choose the time of day you want to learn.

    d a

    I found out some info about it because I was thinking of signing up

    I’m assuming you didn’t sign up. But if you would be taking a graphics course, whould you use DA or a different program?


    No I didnt sign up in the end. If I would take a graphics course than I would have used DA but that could be because I’m in Israel and there are only a couple of other options available. Also, I liked the convenience that they offer.


    you can buy the Adobe coursebooks…6those are pretty good


    I took this course last year and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone looking to expand their graphic design career, whether you’re a beginner or have in the business a few years already. It’s thorough, very reasonably priced, especially for the information you are gaining, the teachers are highly knowledgeable, and very easy to learn from and work with, and you come out with a fantastic portfolio in the end, unique to your style.


    I do not know if this is applicable anymore–but a friend of mine was taking a graphic design course through The Bold Edge. What she like about it is that she dpoes not have to go according to a certain schedule and since it is not internet based she did not have to make sure she always had internet access. She just siegned up and started a week after that. She also had constant instructor support for any questions and also got design critique and ended up creating awsome design work!! I can get you their contact info and my friends as well.

    sorry about the ramble but she was so gung ho about how amazing and clear the course is

    cutie pie

    I’m doing the design alive course now! I highly recommend it! It teaches you everything you need to know. You can come into the course a beginner and leave an expert!! The price is very reasonable! 🙂


    I am taking just the web part (hmmm, who are you cutie pie?) just because as a designer I have to know….but there is no comparing real, live school to a web school. A real art school that’s longer than a year long is much, much better and you can get a job with a real (meaning not- jewish) company. Do you want to be doing ads for local businesses or do you want to make real money doing international level work?

    Be Happy

    Has anyone learnt alone with the Adobe coursebooks? Is there any recommended course out there that can be self taught?


    I’m taking the Design Alive course right now. I had some prior basic graphics training but this is very intense and very thorough. I’ve been feeling way more confident and my work is looking so much better and I’m just half way through the year. I actually like it that it’s live- I can ask the teacher questions on what she’s teaching when she’s actually teaching it.

    I would highly recommend 🙂

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