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    What’s the advantage of buying a desk with no drawers when you can buy a rectangular table instead?

    To welcome in the new year, and new tasks (and honestly just to become better organized) I’m rearranging the furniture in my office.

    Before today, the plan was to get a new desk. You probably figured, based on the previous sentence, that now I’m not so sure about getting a new desk.

    Mine current desk is pretty amazing, thank G-d. Still, I can use more depth to fit everything practically.

    Because my budget is very limited, if I want a desk with more width (depth) and length, then I have to choose a lower quality desk.

    The desks that I’ve been looking at, on the 60+ inch length, and 30+ inch width, don’t have drawers.

    So what’s the point of buying a desk when you can buy a higher quality used dining room table of similar dimensions?

    Are desks safer to use with electronics?

    Does anyone here have an unconventional and awesome home office arrangement, where your desk is really a table?

    Also… what piece of furniture does your rabbi use, in your shul, to read from the Torah? Does that furniture item have a special name?

    Thank you ☺


    Personally, if I needed a piece of furniture, I would choose one based on functionality, and possibly appearance. Who cares what the manufacturer or retailer names it?


    Well, it does matter because a manufacturer might have to abide by different codes in making a table vs. making a desk.

    At least for a commercial grade furniture, the materials and final product of a desk vs. a table may be held to different qualities and standards.


    I would imagine a dining room table would be more expensive- it’s usually heavier, made from solid wood.

    To answer your last question, the Torah is read from the Bima, and it does not have to be read by the Rabbi, but by any male over 13 who knows how to follow the musical intonations- he is called the Ba’al Korei. It can be a designated person, or can change each time, or can be a Bar MItzva boy. In shuls where the only learned person is the Rabbi, he would be the one doing the reading, by default.


    WinnieThePooh: The bimah!

    Omgosh yes. Hmm. Why did I think that the bimah has to be elevated? In some shuls it is, but at not at the shul of which I’m most familiar.


    If you’re going to be putting a laptop on the table (whatever kind you get) make sure that you do not plan on typing extensively at a level higher than where your hands come with your elbows bend 90 degrees with your arms at your side. Computer tables have that place for the keyboard built in and I hook up a keyboard to my laptop no matter what just for ergonomics. I think that is the bottom line of what type of table to buy. Check the height of the table you plan to buy and also make sure to have a chair that is appropriate for your work space. What are the different features of a desk versus a dining table that you are comparing? The ones I mentioned are, in my opinion, just as important as the type of material they are made out of it. It’s not like you plan to put things that weigh a ton (literally) on the table, so the quality of the materials in a regular desk should be sufficient for an average person’s needs.


    Nechomah: Yes yes yes yes!!! ☺

    Thank YOU 💖 When I read your post,… you nailed it!

    Ergonomics is huge. I may need a new chair, but for now I added extra cushions so I could be up higher.

    Thank you 😊😊😊

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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