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    My 2003 Honda Accord which I just purchased in July for $2500 (half of which I haven’t paid off yet) just died. Big Time. Head gasket blew and anti-freeze ran right through my engine. Replacement of engine, parts and labor were quoted at $2600.

    Needless to say I have no money and no credit.

    I do have a job (an hour away from my house) and I do have some jewelery – a pearl necklace worth about $800 resale and of course a car with no engine! (Worth $500 in scrap??)

    I can afford to pay maybe $200 a month for a car.

    Anyone have a used car that they would be willing to “rent” to me, “sell” me or finance to me until I get on my feet? I have no other way to make it into work or get my kids from the middle of nowhere into cheder in the nearest town.

    Any ideas would be helpful!



    See if you can get onto they often give some free driving for new customers that might help a little bit. Hatzlachah


    When did you purchase the car because by law, at least in ny, if you bought it from a dealer, they are required to give you 1 month warranty.


    downandin: Shouldn’t you be able to get a refund from the seller for having purchased a lemon?


    There are some great lease deals available on new cars, for under $200/month. You may need a cosigner depending on credit.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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