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    John Bolton spen the last 2 years traveling the world on behalf of our Rosh Memshalah & served him honorably, what’s his reward? Public humiliation by the tweetster. Why? probably because he disagreed with him about meeting the president of Iran.
    Why couldn’t he discharge him from his job in an honorable fashion? where’s the kovod Habrios & Hakaras Hatov? Why the need to “Fire” him & demean him? (The R”M actually embarrasses himself when he acts this way but just doesn’t realize it)
    This scene keeps on repeating itself with our R”M. He hires a good person who serves him well, he gets into a disagreement & then throws the person under the bus. I have never not seen such hashchasah by a president & I hope he doesn’t throw Artzeinu Hakedosha under the bus if it serves his negios.
    B”H he has acted kindly to us in the past but this doesn’t excuse his middos raaos. This behavior should bother us all & not be whitewashed by the good he has done for us.


    “Despicable Middos of our Hero”

    your title makes no sense. By definition a person wit despicable middos isn’t our hero

    ☕️coffee addict


    He was being sarcastic


    Haimy, let’s say Bolton was consistently leaking to the media to pressure Trump to listen to him. Would you agree that Trump be justified in his reaction? I would say it was much softer than necessary if that were true.


    Trump is not “our hero”. He’s the least annoyng alternative. A lot of the social conservatives and neo-cons are our friends, but they were all unelectable. The Democrats have been taken over by anti-Semities, the friendliest of which only want to get rid of frum Jews, and the worst are little better than Nazis.

    and to the original poster, the United States does not have a Rosh Memshalah, since we have separation of powers. All we have is a Head of State (an office based on the British kings of the 18th century). Ther is no “memshalah” in our system, only an executive and an independent legislature. You should get a book on civics before discussing a government you apparently don’t understand.

    Ben L

    Who ever said that Trump is our hero?
    I plan on voting for him.
    Their are things he does that I respect.
    I think he is the best option for the country at this time and for frum Jewry in particular.
    He is not my “hero” nor an example i point to for my children to admire.


    Ben L, you stole my thunder. While I also intend to vote him in for a second term, I am doing so while pinching my nose. His middos stink. He is the antithesis of what a jew should be. He is the president of the gaayva club too. A sick, self-centered individual. He is the best choice for our country and for Israel. His friendship is legendary. Why so many jews consider him their hero is inexplicable.


    Vulgarity, adultery, denigration of those who disagree with him, lying to the point of blurring the lines of reality (“don’ t believe what you just saw, narcissism with a quasi messianic tone….
    Yes, our “hero”.

    anonymous Jew

    Katanhatorah, to really get an appreciation of denigration of those who they disagree with, just turn on CNN, MSNBC and any other leftist media. Lying? Just in the past two weeks CNN has had to retract phony stories as did the New York Times , which reported that planes flew themselves into the Trade Towers. You can go on YouTube and find any number of clips where Pres Trump clearly and unambiguously denounces racism, the KKK and white nationalists. Yet , during the last debate, Booker repeated the lie that Trump refuses to denounce racism. And, don’t forget, Warren’s academic career was based upon lying that she had legitimate Native American ancestry.


    Haimy -“Why the need to “Fire” him & demean him?”
    What you don’t understand & all the other Trump haters on this site, it wasn’t Trump against Bolton. He got a consensus from his cabinet, and it was the right time to let him go!


    A couple of thoughts:
    1. The President of the United States is, in fact, the Rosh Memshala (Head of State) as well as the Head of Government. In a Parliamentary system such as in the UK or Israel, the Heads of State and Government are separated, I.E. a Queen or President and a Prime Minister. In the U.S. the President serves both functions. In addition, the President is also Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces as well as Chief Law Enforcement Officer
    2. Heroes don’t necessarily have to possess good midos to be heroic. Even in our own Tradition, Yiftach and Shimson weren’t particularly good role models but were certainly heroes.


    AJ: The media networks are NOT the president of the United States, a revered position that historically did not get down in the gutter slime with the National Enquirer, Fox, MSNBC (or whoever is your media villain). At least the right-wing Evangelicals acknowledge they have to hold to hold their nose each time they “embrace” Trump to further a narrow policy issue he panders to. If moving the Embassy to yerushalayim or other superficially pro-Israel actions warrants your support for this individual, than I’d just respectfully disagree.

    Ben L

    And in terms of “narrow agendas”.

    Voting for the current President is not because of a “narrow agenda” it is because Democrat party is a real and present danger to this country as a whole and Jewry in particular.

    They advocate policies that are dangerous in the extreme. They hesitate to condemn anti-semitism and equate the Jewish people in Israel defending themselves with those that send their children to blow up other kids.

    They wish to teach tolerance but of others while forcing those who have a store to act in violation of their heartfelt religious beliefs.

    They advocate forcing one to provide medication against their belief but allowing the murder of the unborn for no reason at all.

    I could go on but suffice it to say.
    The upcoming election is shaping up to be a choice between a immoral individual or a immoral and dangerous party.

    I choose the individual any day of the week.

    Ben L

    Actually GH
    Democrats who claim “morals” now are conveniently forgetting the Presidency of Bill Clinton. As well as the honored place he had in the party afterwards.

    Remember who gave the main address at Barack Obama’s second convention.

    They just ran that paragon of morality that is Bill Clintons official wife.

    And while the Man who is at the head of the Republican party may be one of questionable morals.

    The Democrat party advocates for policy’s that are flagrantly immoral by any moral code that existed prior to the last 5 years.


    On the topic of Middos and since it is Elul, let us all impose our middos.
    Of the arrogant, God says, “I and he cannot dwell under one roof.” By contrast, humility is the good trait from which all other good traits stem. With humility, one’s mind and heart makes room to let others in and removes all self-centered barriers. This manifests in someone who makes his own goal helping others achieve theirs. Indeed, “exceedingly humble” constitutes the Torah’s loftiest praise of Moses (Numbers 12:3). Another exception is anger – one should go to the other extreme and never get angry (Mishneh Torah – Deyos 2:3).


    I wholeheartedly support Trump, except for his despicable opinions regarding Eretz Yisroel.


    Neturei-Karta-non-chossid-who-apparently-removed-the-mitzvah-of-yishuv-EY: If you believe that the Yidden living in EY would be better off giving up control of Yerushalayim and the rest of EY to the PA or Hamas reshayim, then why don’t you move to Ramallah, where I am sure you would be much happier?

    Reb Eliezer

    Trump is not one to learn from how to respect the dead.

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