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    We used to be known as the dessert family. We always had desserts around. Now we kind of ran out of ideas. Does anyone have any good dessert recipes?


    Distill your favorite grain, be it wheat, rye, barley, etc. Store in a cool cellar for a dozen or so years. Serve at room temperature or on the rocks.


    so, share some ideas please.



    Desert the desert unless it is fruit!


    Do you mean in general or for Pesach?

    I make something really beautiful for a special dessert – a layered trifle. You need a clear 8″-9″ trifle bowl (preferably on a pedestal), a chocolate devil’s food cake baked in two layers then partially frozen (to make it easier to cut) and split horizontally so you now have four layers, a couple of packages of instant chocolate and vanilla pudding (and I personally prefer Ko-Jel pudding over other brands -I have tried them all), some Rich’s pareve creamer and Rich’s whip, or Haddar whip. You also need a big ziploc bag of Viennese Crunch, which you need to break up finely/coarsely by banging it with a hammer.

    Prepare the chocolate pudding (2 packages) with 3 cups of pareve “milk.”

    In a separate bowl prepare one package of vanilla pudding with an 8 oz. container of whip (whip the cream until it starts to ebcome fluffy and add in the pudding). Now you are ready to layer your trifle. Put down a layer of chocolate cake follow with a layer of chocolate pudding (does not need to be an even layer, think of a sand sculpture as you do this). then sprinkle a generous layer of crushed viennese crunch to cover the pudding layer. Now, put another cake layer, then a vanilla layer, more crunch, then cake, then chocolate pudding, crunch, cake, vanilla pudding, and the rest of the crunch. It should be at the top of the trifle bowl by now. Be very generous with the crunch and make sure it is very visible at the outer edges of the glass bowl. Cover completely with plastic wrap and freeze for several hours (overnight is best). I usually take it out at the beginning of a meal, and then serve it for dessert. By that time it is usually the right consistency. In my family we like it more on the frozen side, so I might wait until mid-meal, if we don’t have guests. This is awesome, and I am always asked to make it for a vort or bridal shower. It is a bit of effort, but so worth it!


    Toll House Pie Recipe:

    2 Eggs

    1/2 C Flour

    1/2 C Sugar

    1/2 C firmly packed Brown Sugar

    3/4 C Margarine (soft) [3/4 of a cup is the same thing as 12 Tablespoons)

    1 C chopped walnuts – OPTIONAL

    1 C chocolate chips

    1 9″ unbaked pie shell (I also have made it using a regular graham cracker pie crust, very Yummy!!)

    whipped cream or ice cream – OPTIONAL

    Preheat oven to 325

    In a large mixing bowl beat eggs at high speed untill foamy (about 3 min)

    Beat in flour, sugar, and brown sugar until well blended

    Beat in softened margarine

    Stir in nuts and chips

    Pour into pie shell (do not overflow!) and bake 55-60 min – when toothpick comes out

    clean and brown on top.

    Serve with ice cream or whipped cream


    JayMatt that sounds so yummy. The best chocolate chip cookie recipe, btw, is the original one on the back of the Toll House morsels package. The chips are dairy, so they cannot be used for pareve cookies, but the recipe is superior to the ones I ahve seen on pareve chip packages. The walnuts (for me) are absolutely essential to the final product.


    Here is the best (not exagerating) Kokosh Cake recipe we make it every week:

    3 Tablespoons of Yeast

    1/3 Cup Hot water

    1 cup sugar

    pinch of flour

    a little more then 2 lbs of flour

    2 eggs

    3/4 cups sugar

    2 cups cold water

    2 pkts (400 grams) butter flavored marg

    Mix first 4 ingrediants

    mix remaining ingredients

    add yeast mixture and mix for 5 minuts

    leave to rise for an hour (you don’t really have to do that. We never do and it comes out great.)

    Beat together…

    1/2 cup plus 1 Tbsp marg (oil works great to. It’s more liquidy with it)

    2 1/4 cup icing sugar

    3 Tbsp vanilla sugar

    4 Tbsp cocoa

    2 eggs

    Take off a chunk of dough and roll it into a rectangle. spread the Cocoa mixture on top (the more the better). Roll the dough jellyroll style and bake at 350 for 1/2 an hour or until light brown on top.

    It’s a big recipe. It makes six loaves.


    JayMatt – What degree do you bake it on. I’m assuming 350 is that right?


    i make that same trifle oomis1105 its from kosher by design isn’t it? only you split the cakes and make more layers which is interesting. but it takes a lot more effort probably, and i think it looks amazing without doing that


    VERY PRETTY DESSERT!! and low fat!! i even got special desert glasses for these. i’m sure a lot of u know, but for those who don’t, to make the desert glasses extra fancy dip each gup rim in lemon juice, and then in sugar, s it looks like crystal-rimmed glasses!! ok so for the dessert part – mix already-whipped cream, canned fruits (like peachers and/or pinaeaple), and vanilla pudding mix all together. put in the bottom of each glass. then make jello and put on top and refridge! i got this from mishpacha junior. but i ran out of jello one time, and put chocolate pudding on top, and those went even faster!


    In my house we are pretty into serving dessert. Here’s some of our favorites:

    * take peanut butter and confectionary sugar. Mix in Kitchen Aid until it makes tiny balls. Put 3/4 of it into a pie crust. Then make an instant vanilla pudding and pour it over the crumbs. Then put on a layer of whip cream. On the top put the rest of the crumbs. Freeze, but defrost just a few minutes before serving.

    * A scoop of vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate cake, hot apple pie, or hot chocolate fudge.

    * Ice cram bonnets- we make this for a simcha because we make it in advance and it looks stunning. In a small candy bowl put in a scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream. Heat up some chocolate. Use a medicine squirter and drizzle it over the ice cream. While the chocolate is still hot sprinkle a cruch (we use pistachio). Then you can stick in a presidor roll, a cookie, or a chocolate mold. (we serve it on chanuka awith a menorah cookie, by a bar mitzva with a tefillin shaped chocolate…)

    * Any ice cream with a rice krispies crunch

    If anything sounds exciting- let me know and I’ll post the recipies.


    i’m getting hungry from this thread!!!

    YW Moderator-42

    Me too! Can’t wait for Shabbos meal tonight, hopefully there will be good desserts!


    mod42: go check the fridge!!!


    In my family, we like sorbet.

    Cake is to heavy after a big meal.

    But if you want a light, pretty dessert that is not very fattening, here’s one that is good for pesach and year round.

    Cube mango. freeze.

    mix orange juice, lemon juice, water and red grape juice (for color). you can add sugar, but i don’t.

    slice kiwi.

    to assemble: in tall glass or martini, place mango cubes, almost till rim. pour in juice mixture. make a slit halfway through kiwi and put over rim of glass.

    and you’re done!

    very refreshing and very beautiful. the mango peaks out of the red juice and it really looks elegant. great for when you want to cool off after feeling really heavy with matza.


    squeak: So far, yours is the winner, and no fat too.

    Too bad you have to wait so long to enjoy it. Add a bunch of corn to the mix and you’ve got yourself some mighty fine mash brewing.

    Invite me over in 12 years for some l’chaim kiddush; a little matjas and some kichel. Me’ein Olam Habah! Hopefully, this will take place in Yerushalayim, B’vias Ha’Moshiach.


    thank you, cherrybim, I was wondering when the winner would be selected. Not only is mine fat free, but it actually creates a negative caloric intake situation.

    The strategy here is kinda like they tell you with CDs. You have to make a ladder – every year a different batch matures and you make a new one for 15 years from now. You can’t have anything for the first 15 years, but that’s not so bad. In some countries, you can’t have any for the first 21 years!


    Does anyone have any gooey chocolate cake with like chocolate icing recipes?


    “i make that same trifle oomis1105 its from kosher by design isn’t it? only you split the cakes and make more layers which is interesting. but it takes a lot more effort probably, and i think it looks amazing without doing that”

    Susie Fischbein might have a trifle recipe that is similar or even the same, but I have been making mine for over a decade, before I ever saw her cookbook. Great minds think alike, I guess. 🙂


    molten cakes would be good for a gooey chocolate cake.


    and the recipe is…


    oomis, recipe please.

    and maybe she is Susie Fishbein!


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