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    Does anyone know of a good, easy, fast, way of earning a degree?


    A “fast or easy” degree cannot be a “good” one. Would you want to go to an accountant who earned a fast and easy degree? Would you hire a lawyer who earned a degree that way? Lehavdil – would you ask a shayla from a rav who earned a quickie semicha? Work hard, earn your degree the right way, and you be matzliach in whatever you decide to do.


    Well, you can take a 6 wk haircutting course 🙂


    smartcookie- you know of a 6 week haircutting course in the tri-state area? I’d like to take some kind of course so I can have a 2nd job.


    Hey smart cookie a degree in Education, I already have a degree form a hair cutting course.


    the fastest way to get a degree is on the web, from Thunderwood College, a genuine unaccredited institution. They will not lie to you and tell you they are accredited by some unrecognized accrediting body.

    You can choose your field of specialty and print out the diploma in minutes, with tools you probably have around the house.


    I got my Doctor of Divinity degree this way, from another fine institution. My Ph.D. is honorary, from the Millard Fillmore Institute, but I had to earn it the old-fashioned way, I had to win an essay contest.


    a degree? do you mean any degree? thats like saying is there a way to cook food fast. sure there is! fry an egg.

    if you want to have a degree just to say you have one, then your best bet is to clep your way to a bachelors in liberal arts. but its not worth very much. if you actually want to learn a skill or a profession, that takes time, money and effort. and the more of those three that you expend, the better your education will be. (the money part is debatable, but the other 2 vary directly)


    yes I mean a degree in special education, anyone know of a good, fast on line college?


    How about Sara Schenirer- The Institute for Special Education..Well actually are you a female?

    Well then, it’s a good environment..And u can take some classes online. I believe the BA is one year- 3 semesters, and the Masters is also the same..

    Touro is another option, but it’s a much longer program.

    There’s also TTI/ Reizel Rite. But that is a lot of cleping and other tests..You have to see what works best for you, and where u live also needs to be taken into consideration….So where are u looking to go to school? Lakewood, Flatbush, BP????


    Kentucky State University has a special ed program that is completely online.

    This is from their website

    Master of Arts in Special Education with a Certification in Learning Behavior Disorders (MA-LBD, P-12) 100% online

    2009-2010 Catalogue

    Special Education MA-LBD Information Packet


    Application Form

    There are other places too.


    I’ve heard of well-known NY colleges selling degrees for like $30,000 under the table….oh, I guess that you want it to be “legal” too? Hmm, can’t help ya there.


    A REAL Degree takes a minimum 2.5 years, but usually 4-5 years

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