Did anyone’s opinion in CR ever change due to others perspective?

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    Just a friendly behavioral experiment. Please be honest with yourself. Have you ever changed your mind based on what you read here in CR? I’m not talking about something which you didn’t know of or weren’t too opinionated about.. I’m talking about you had a real shita and someone here convinced you otherwise.


    Numerous people have told me that my posts have changed their opinion on various matters discussed online here and elsewhere.


    Yes more than once
    Including when Joseph stated an opinion I previously held convincing me that I must be mistaken.

    Although worht noting the distinction between “weren’t too opinionated about”. and were I ” had a real shita” isnt as obust as you may like.

    Neville ChaimBerlin


    The recent CR War of 2017 has convinced me that Chabad Meshichism is more of an issue that I previously thought. It used to be the last of my concerns with Chabad.

    More commonly the CR has strengthened opinions I already kind of had, but wasn’t sure if my experiences were the same as others.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    I just went through my old posts and my previous self has caused me to change a bit. I used to sound like a real jerk and am haaretz. My future self 2 years from now will probably look at the today me the same way. The take away is that it’s way too easy to be a rabid dog behind internet anonymity. When I started here I was just as meikel/modern (or more so) and half the people I scream at here today.

    That’s enough internet for today.


    One time I ranted about a topic. When I saw alot of hatred in posts I became concerned. Hatred should not be spewed towards Yiden even without names. That is not good for any of us. I told the moderator to take down my post.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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