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    Nobody or anything touched the moon. They get there and float around but nobody touches the moon.

    Sure they do. There are plenty of man-made objects on the moon right now, as we speak.

    There’s no gravity.

    Of course there’s gravity. It’s 1/6 the gravity of Earth. Sure, it’s easier to move around, but by no means will anything solid “float” above the surface of the moon.

    The Wolf


    Wolf (and other interested parties): google moon gravity heavy boots.


    tzaddiq, that was so cool what you said about a blue moon! I had only ever thought that it was an expression, never an actual astronomical phenomenon.


    sure the moon landing never happen it was filmed as the secret service killed JFK and when 9/11 didn’t happen. and what else… u get the point.


    Neil Armstrong was confronted with the recording, having always maintained he said “a man”, and he admitted in TV he did not hear it either. He still insisted being sure having pronounced it.

    Decades later, someone deconvolved the soundtrack (remember there is about 2 seconds delay and sound transmission was nothing like hifi) and claimed the “a” was there. I am not sure if anyone did a serious analysis of the voice processing, which would likely be inconclusive.



    Maybe the moon doesnt exist and its some kind of optical illusion trick that Nasa is playing on us?


    Showjoe -“it was filmed as the secret service killed JFK”

    You got it wrong. It was Hoover and his FBI who hired the Mob to do it.


    ” Supposedly, when this conspiracy theory had a huge tracking in the 90s, a reporter visited Buzz Aldrin’s house and asked him if he actually ever walked on the moon. Buzz responded by punching the reporter in the face.”

    so he did not even confirm landing on the moon. I guess its hard to keep lying do many years later so he avoided answering. nice one


    No. He punched him in the face to explain that when you touch down you realize it.


    A word about gravity:

    Gravity is not unique to Earth or to any planet or heavenly body. The idea is that mass pulls mass. Two boats that are close enough will pull each other. Earth has more gravity than the moon and Jupiter has more than Earth.

    The idea behind any planetary or satelite orbit is that the gravity of the center planet pulls the outer, orbiting object toward itself, while the centrefugle force of the orbit keeps it from going in to the center. That’s how Earth and all other planets of our galaxy orbit the sun.

    Now, since the moon is only 6 times smaller than Earth it has an impact on Earth. Therefore, not only does the moon orbit around Earth, but Earth orbits around the moon as well, albeit in a small and not so noticeable way.


    The moon’s gravity is the source of tidal activity on Earth

Viewing 11 posts - 51 through 61 (of 61 total)
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