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    Did Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky really write the Dirshu article in this past week’s publications?

    One of the publications had Shlita after the name so I’m assuming it was him.

    Anyone else find that strange?

    Was Rav Shmuel at the event? Did he really write the article?


    There are multiple rabbis who have the exact same name as he.


    I did not see the article, but I know his brother Rav Binyamin, has a son Rav Mordechai, has a son Shmuel who I believe is still in his 20’s, who writes for Yated. In Yated they call him Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky, as opposed to his great-uncle who is Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky. That would be my guess.

    The Frumguy

    If that is so, that it wasn’t the Philadelphia Rosh Yeshiva, I find it extremely misleading.


    Misleading? Did you really think that the Philadelphia Rosh Yeshiva has nothing better to do with his time than to write articles for publication?

    Should we now ban any two people with the same name, as it may be misleading?


    Not all of Rav Yaakov’s sons spelled their last name in English the same way. Rav Shmuel spells it Kamenetsky. His brother, Rav Binyomin zt’l, father of R Mordechai, spelled it Kamenetzky. R Mordechai’s son Shmuel writes for the Yated. Notice the spelling of the last name and you can possibly get a hint to who it is. I’m not sure what TFG wants someone who writes his real name to do if he happens to share the name with someone else. I don’t find it misleading at all to write ones own name.


    How is it misleading. It’s his name. The byline doesn’t say Rosh Yeshiva, Philadephia


    Rabbi Kaminetzky has written many columns for the Yated. Is this the first time you noticed the byline?


    But why did one of the publications write “Shlita” after his name?

    Also did Rav Shmuel even attend the dirshu siyum? I didn’t see him in the pics or videos.


    Shlita is common for anyone who has semicha.

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    R’ Shmuel is the son of R’ Mordechai Kamenetzky (of Yeshiva of South Shore) a grandson of Rav Binyamin Kamenetzky. He has written in various newspapers and magazines. He writes a weekly email as well gleaned from the drashos of his grandfather. Unlike many of the people who write letters, he does indeed sign his name. He is in his late 30s. Indeed that branch of the Kamenetzky family spells their name with a z not an s. (Reb Shmuel and Reb Binyamin went to different judges each Americanized the Lithuanian Kamenecki, according to their own whim. Thus the different spellings. (Fun Fact)


    Was Rav Shmuel by the Dirshu siyum?


    why is this so important?

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