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    Quirk E

    Did you every have gas spray all over you?

    This just happened to me last night! I went to fill up gas for the car I don’t usually drive – it was the first time i filled up gas for that car. The gas “popped” off and when I went to take the pump out I had a gush of gas bubbling out on my hands and skirt. I reeked of gas! It was not pleasant at all.


    You’re full of hot air.


    quirk I’m sorry this happened to you, but since there may or may not be holocaust survivors on this site you may want to change that title.


    lol that happened to a friend of mine once.


    So THATS what GPS stands for…


    lololololol ^_^


    Happened to me recently. I thought I heard the “click” of when it’s done (must have been from the adjacent pump) and I pulled the nozzle out and got it all over my hand and shirt sleeve. It smelled awful and I was on the road on business. I had to go into a restroom and wash it in soap, wring it out, and keep my hand out the window the entire drive.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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