Did YWN erase an article about a bachur beaten up by cops in J-lem?

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    I’m trying to find an article that I remember seeing on YNW but cannot find now.

    I remember a couple of weeks ago, i saw an article about a bachur who was beaten up by cops after making contact with their car.
    According to the article, it happened at 12AM at the intersection of Eretz hefetz and shimon hatzaddik in Jerusalem.
    I remember a number of people commenting on it, specifically about how we can’t trust police versions of stories that happen.

    Does anybody know how to find this article?
    Did YWN take it down for some reason?

    I even tried googling to find anything about the story, but nothing came up.

    i was in contact with the bachur, and i wanted to show him the article, but can’t find it.

    Can anyone explain what’s going on?


    I’ve asked a few people, and they’ve all said that they remember seeing it on YWN.
    Plus, a couple of people even remember seeing it on other news sources.
    They remember the same picture- a night picture of the intersection with #45 bus in the background.

    Yet no one can find it on the internet.
    Is there some sort of media blackout about this?

    It’s so weird!


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    For more information:
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    Never mind.
    Just look out for my smoke signals over port Elizabeth at 11:15 tonight for the answer to your question.


    @fakenews for a moment I thought you would be serious and actually share where I could find the article.
    But then I looked at your username and realized that I had been trolled…


    Thank you Gefilte Fish much appreciated.
    On a more serious note, I have found that these incidents do occasionally disappear.
    A few years back I was waiting at a bus stop in Rechavia, and I saw multiple flashes from stun grenades that were used against some Bochurim who were protesting a classmate who was imprisoned for violating the draft law.
    There was nothing at all in the media until they filed a civil rights violation lawsuit (or whatever the equivalent is called there).
    So the answer to your question may well be found in my somewhat cynical responses earlier, ie that it is being forcibly redacted.
    I am not a big proponent of the Mandela effect, I am more inclined to believe that it is intentionally censored.


    Since when is it news that a bochur was beaten up by cops?

    This is a daily event in j/lm

    as they say, dog bites man isn’t news, man bites dog is.

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