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    Ben Levi

    Understanding the difference in violence over the summer vs now is pretty simple.

    The violence over the summer was not (with some exceptions) directed towards the institutuions in power.

    It was directed at everyday Americans.

    It was the destruction of stores, the looting of neighborhoods.

    This did not threaten the entrenched power structure.

    This riot was diffent it was directed at them.

    This is unfogivable. It must be stopped.

    However what is not realized is that people across the US are getting the message loud and clear.

    If a mob of people trespess onto the McCloskey property in St. Louis and threaten to burn his house down he is not allowed to brandish a gun to protect himself.

    He is not to feel threatened.

    And if he does so the Democratic DA will bring charges against him.

    If a boy is pummeled by BLM protestors in Kenosha and has his life threatened to the point that he he shoots to defend himself he is called a white supremacist.

    Put your feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk?

    You are attempting an armed rebellion.

    Reb Eliezer

    tBen Levi, you don’t care about tbe anti-semitism from white supremacists they revealed on their shirts?
    See https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/1938618/anti-semitism-seen-in-capitol-insurrection-raises-alarms.html

    ☕️coffee addict

    Ben Levi,

    Violence was directed at police officers (is this an exception) the police were painted as the bad guys


    Reb e, what do anti semites have to do with this? Yes there some open anti semites at the forefront, but that is irrelevant to the conversation. The point Ben levi makes is a good one, but I would add that it’s more than violence vs people in power that makes this a much bigger issue. It’s the fact that it was driven by “pro-trumpers”. The double standard is so obvious and so disgusting.

    Ben Levi

    Asking me if I am afraid of the “anti-semitism” of white supreamicists shows a breathtaking lack of awareness.

    The modern day Conservative movement looks at white supreamicists as losers and it actually admires Jews.
    BenJamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of the Jewish State is a hero in the modern day conservative movement and was considered Trumps closest allie.

    Trump engineered an earthquake in the Mideast forging a real alliance between Isreal and the Arab States, something which John Kerry famously called impossible.

    In doing so he probably saved thousands of lives.

    The modern day Democratic Party does not just tolerate anti-semitism it has elevated anti-semites to positions never before dreamed of.

    It has sworn allegiance to a BLM movement that has anti semitism ingrained in it.

    I am much more afrain of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, Ocasio-Cortez, and Raphael Warnock then a few nutcases waring anti-semitic paraphelia.

    In fact If I recall correctly the leading neo-nazi in the USA, Richard Spencer, endorsed Biden.


    If anything violence towards the capital building is MORE justified that towards a random business district because

    (1)the actions taken place in the Capital is what they were actually protesting . What did a downtown business district do to anyone?

    (2)No one’s life (other than the police killed and those who the police killed) gets ruined if the capital is ransacked. Plenty of people had their lives ruined by BLM ransacking business or residential districts

    (3)The capital has a police force capable of defending themselves (despite their horrible failure to do so this time). Joe Schmoe small business owner has no way of fighting back against the mob.

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