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    I am assuming most of you don’t know too much about Dimeththyltryptamine, better known as DMT, but I’m hoping their are some people who are familiar and might be able to add their opinions on the matter.
    To cut straight to the point, I was considering going on a vacation to Australia where they have licensed regulated clinics where one can have a DMT experience.
    Is their ANY reason to think that this can possibly be problematic according to halacha?
    From what I understand their are tribes that use DMT in their rituals but I don’t see why that would make it assur being that this would not involve any religious ritual and would be conducted in a private clinic, so if certain religious groups used alcohol I find it hard to believe that it would render alcohol assur to use…
    Anyone hear anything specific in regards to this subject?

    (P.s. The DMT expierance is a purely spiritual one, and in today’s day and age with almost complete hester panim, that even a “Dybbuk” was known to be a normal occurrence is no longer happening, it is as if hashem specifically does not want any supernatural phenomenon to be occurring as to amplify the hastaras panim of our generation, so for me to expierance an out of body feeling is something I am fascinated by and would love to do if it was not halachicaly problematic)

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