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    Eliyahu Hanavi

    This year we will celebrate the 13th siyum of daf yomi. Since the very first siyum in Poland , Aguda has been running them. 14 years ago Dirshu ran their first siyum. All the adverts you see are Dirshu 3rd world siyum. To me this takes away from daf yomi, something that has been going for 13 cycles, not just 3. With all respect to Dirshu, focus on the Halacha programs and leave the Daf Yomi Siyum to Aguda like they have done since the first siyum back in 1938. Daf Yomi said Reb Meir Shapiro is supposed to unite all jews, not split them apart. Dirshu please get the message. Stop your siyumim.


    Why should dirshu not have a siyum? No one person/organization owns torah study!


    Was Aguda making one big international Siyum since the first cycle in 1938?


    Did it ever occur to you that not everybody supports agudah? People who go through Dirshu, get tested. It’s a big accomplishment.


    Gaiva is very powerful


    Did you learn in only one yeshiva or daven in only one shul your whole life? If Dirshu can fill up Met Life all the honor to them. Dirshu also is a whole different way of learning.


    How much does Dirshu change for a ticket?


    Joseph: You have to call 347-85-SIYUM (857-4986). They are not written in their advertisements.


    That’s ridiculous! Agudah doesn’t own Torah. They aren’t even an organization whose ONLY FUNCTION is Torah Beiyun and Halacha. They can make THE SIYUM HASHAS and so could DIRSHU. Rabbi Dovid Hofstadter is no simple person who has the backing of massive gedolim of this generation and the past. His intention is to make a special siyum for the people who are part of the dirshu program. Feel free not to attend but to bash is pathetic!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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