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    “Some men see no garbage bin and ask, “Why?” Others see no garbage bin and ask, “Why not?” ~ Reuven Efraim Kennedy

    Why not get a bin during the week and place it there?

    Speaking of tissues, this is a good time to bring up tissue conservation. Many people upon using a tissue are prone to throwing it out right away, not realizing there is an entire other side which has not been used yet.


    Let’s not blow this one.


    The issue of the tissue? I wouldn’t touch it.


    I never saw a used tissue on a table anywhere else other than in a beis medrash but the fact this only happened in shul never sunk in. I had thought that maybe this was a difference in etiquette between where I grew up and where I was now but now I see it may be a frum issue instead. This was during the week so I don’t think carrying on Shabbos was the issue! Not leaving dirty tissues on a table is a great pay to put some learning into practice.


    I saw an advertisement lately of someone selling such small ‘shtender tissue bins’. Don’t recall where though. Anyone know what I’m talking about?


    “What if someone woke up with a cold Shabbos morning and is using a tissue every 10 or 15 minutes?”

    Sit in the back of shul so you can go in and out without disturbing others.


    People leave dirty tissues places?

    Ewwwwww… that’s absolutely foul.

    Baruch… sheasani kirtzono.


    It shows a lack of ???? ????? (not to be mistaken with “Kuvid Hataireh” – what people announce when they want you to move out of their way…)



    Chulent (from one year ago): “What if the person is single or otherwise doean’t have a talis bag? (Or is a woman.)”

    Then a woman should put the tissues in her tichel. 😛


    jfem, your advice is sensible. But a superficial scroll through this old thread will show you that you’re not dealing with sensible people here. People who leave used tissues on a table inside a shul are obviously not considerate or normal enough to take your good advice.


Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 60 total)
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