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    I’v joined cr couple of months ago. In beginning it was exciting. But recently came to see everything is just rehashed again and again. The anti zionists, the pro Trumps, the pro establishment (not many) and the anti establishment. The more Yeshivesh than thou and the “I take pride in bashing the Yeshivesh/chasidesh/MO/Rabbanim/The ones who bash Rabbanim”.

    Nothing new and not much which is thought provoking.


    So start a thread that you find interesting and worthy of discussion.

    Much better than complaining.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Welcome to the cr American yeshivish

    You hit the nail on the head


    complaining that there is nothing new is also something that gets rehashed again and again

    Leiby Wasser

    I am disappointed with your spelling? And what does amirican even mean?


    It’s challenging to push for enough nuance to learn new things in an open forum. But it is an open test of the fallacy of many positions on popular topics. for example; The Shidduch Crisis.

    Speaking of, you started a thread trying to blame it on Brisk. And you stuck to it even when I called you out. If you want to talk against Brisk, that’s okay. However, to have thought provoking threads, there needs to be more thoughts brought in. If you just get provoked because I disagreed with you, that doesn’t help the content of the CR.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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