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    This is a comment on Rabbi Horowitz’s site.

    The number of newlyweds divorcing in our circles has increased dramatically in the past three years. The sad fact is, the girls chose to marry out of FEAR. Fear of remaining a single for life. All the hype and statistics have created mass hysteria for the girls. Parents of girls are saying Yes to dates they would never have considered four years ago.

    They ignore obvious warning signs, discount information received, and forge ahead into the abyss. The parents refuse to hear what their own married children are telling them. Parents forget their child’s marriage has to last a lifetime, the nachas of a nice chassuna is quickly forgotten with the bitterness of divorce.

    Hopefully, the organization who statistically proved that 10% of Jewish girls will remain single for life, creating an atmosphere of despair will spearhead a campaign educating parents to the importance that a broken engagement is far less damaging than a divorce.

    Rabbi Yonasson Rosenblum and Rabbi Horowitz have other opinions on the reason behind the crisis. Here are two questions to discuss. Maybe our answers will help prevent the next marriage from crumbling.

    Is it fair to blame NASI who has pushed the 10% statistic for causing the run up in divorces?

    Why are so many marriages failing within the first six months?

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