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    Thanks for sticking your neck out for me. It’s commendable, but don’t put yourself on the chopping block for my sake.


    you can never know what happened. never


    Putting- You are obviously involved with this person in a way that its touching you and its a hard topic for you to talk about without reading the posts and biasedly.


    I am not doing anything besides trying to get the two of you to see each other as people in tough situations and not just posters airing their dirty laundry!!!!!


    To TOI and all the other posters who have used this line…

    No one knows what happened ever… No one know what happened in private behind closed doors, etc. etc. etc.


    HOWEVER, what you are failing to recognize is that the the woman in this case is using any and every opportunity available to her for mudslinging, maligning and displays of inappropriate behavior to her adult children and her friends.

    The issue at hand is not what occurred in the marriage–the issue at hand is that the woman cannot disassociate herself from a situation which is OVAR ZMANO! and it is having far reaching ramifications.

    It is interesting to see how the thread continues to take on a life of its own because of how readers choose to interpret what they are reading to make it more palatable to their understanding.



    I am not looking to air dirty linen. And it is not my dirty linen even though I’ve caught more than a whiff or two of its stench over the years.

    I have tried to be as general as possible so as not to divulge any details which would reveal the players.

    I as I stated previously–I will actively search and hopefully find someone qualified to help me explore and resolve this in a private venue.

    Now I hope that I will have enough self-control not to visit the Coffee Room until this thread disappears into oblivion and if can’t manage that and I take a peek, then I hope that I will exercise control to keep my hands restrained so as not to hit the keyboard in response. Wish me luck! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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