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    There are a bunch of Wi-fi enabled DIT security systems like Ring, Nest, simplisafe etc.

    they offer a variety of products like doorbell cameras, motion sensors, door monitors.

    does anyone have any experience with them?
    Are you happy with it?

    Is it easy to deactivate certain ones for a set time say to arm them Fri night and automatically disarm in morning or something like that?



    Mazal Tov ubiq on the purchase of your first house!




    I use Wyzecams. At $25 apiece they are amazing for the price. I created a task for erev shabbos to set all the cameras to continuous record instead of motion record. (It’s a shaila if you can use motion record on shabbos, ask your LOR). I then do regular motion record after shabbos. I have to run the tasks manually but it works.


    Talk with your local police. in most cases, they will recommend a professionally installed hard-wired system on new construction (where the cost of running the cables through the framing is relatively modest compared with the snaking and drywall repair on existing structures. Even if you go for the new new wireless systems, the installation of the window, door and glass-break sensors is important and a professional might cost a bit more but will provide you with more reliable service of the long-term.


    I have used nest thermostats and they are very good.

    While i have never used nest security system, I like their capabilities such as recognizing familiar faces and alerting you if an unfamiliar face is at your door. It zooms in and follows the source of movement.

    I wonder if there are hard wired systems that have similar capabilities.

    Also, being able to lock and unlock your door remotely seems good, just wondering how one can unlock these electronic locks on shabboss.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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