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    Israel gave up the Sinai Peninsula, a vast land mass that is many times larger than the State of Israel and which is barely populated. The Sinai is sparsely populated, about 600,000 people live in the region, most of its area is desert.
    Israel gave it up for peace. No reason Egypt cannot give up say 20% of it to form a new Gaza.

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    “No reason Egypt cannot give up say 20% of it to form a new Gaza.“

    Of course there is a reason, they don’t want the animals closer to them


    In year 1970 CE the so-called “Palestinians” attempted to violently overthrow the government of Jordan.

    For more information about this:

    Later, the so-called “Palestinians” took-over Lebanon.
    They are violent rebels, and their fellow-Arabs know this.

    For example:

    Robert Lacey said:

    “Of course,” says one Saudi prince, “if God granted us a wish,
    we would like the Palestinians to vanish off the face of the earth.

    We know that they are only nice to us because they want our money.
    They are dangerous men with Marxist tendencies.

    But their disappearance would be a second wish.
    The first wish is the disappearance of Israel.”

    SOURCE: The Kingdom: Arabia and the House of Sa’ud
    (chapter 47, page 455) by Robert Lacey,
    published in year 1981 by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,
    New York, ISBN-10: 0006365094 ISBN-13: 978-0006365099

    Saudi journalist Fahad al-Shammari
    declared [in a television interview] that:

    “the Palestinians are beggars,” and “have no honor”.

    SOURCE: PA and Jordanian | incitement against Saudi Arabia
    by Yoni Ben Menachem of JCPA, 2019/7/28 www JNS org

    Mr. Pat Condell described the Palestinians as:

    “the World’s most tiresome cry-babies with a bogus
    cause and a plight that is entirely self-inflicted”.

    SOURCE: The Great Palestinian Lie, a YouTube video
    by Mr. Pat Condell, 2011 October 6

    Hugh Fitzgerald said this on Jihad Watch dot org:

    “The Israelis have not marginalized the Palestinians;
    it is the Palestinians who,
    by their relentless attempts to kill Israelis,
    have marginalized themselves.”

    SOURCE: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Concern
    about Jewish “White Supremacists” (Part 1)
    by Hugh Fitzgerald, 2019 August 9 www JihadWatch org
    PS : Please copy these quotes to your computer, for future reference.


    A “new” Gaza in the Sinai would still border/close proximity to EY. We are now seeing long-range missiles aimed towards Eilat being fired from Sudan. We don’t need a new Hamas controlled “Gaza” in the Sinai.


    No matter how many security precautions Israel makes, those security precautions will NEVER be enough to guarantee safety from terrorist attacks, until 100% of Arabs and Muslims who live in Israel are permanently expelled.

    In the 1980s, an Orthodox Rabbi from Brooklyn repeatedly gave the Jewish People valuable advice about Arabs and Muslims who live in Israel: “THEY MUST GO!!!”

    If I remember correctly, even Henry Kissinger agreed with this, and he was NOT a friend of Israel, even though he was Jewish.

    If that advice had been taken seriously in the 1980s, then Arab terror attacks might have ended decades ago, and only Jews above age 50 would be old enough to remember them.

    Send all the so-called “Palestinians” to China (Xinjiang region) with a one-way-ticket.

    Then the so-called “Palestinians” will vanish forever, because China knows how to handle Muslim terrorists, and nobody criticizes them for it, not even Muslims!


    The israelis need to disperse the Palestinians into a larger society to decresse their nationalistic tendecnies and minimalize their groups numbers. Like a sanchoreb or a ghengis khan. Send them allover the world as refugees. The world will be mad but eventually they will get over it because the Palestinians are mostly good theres just a few bad apples thst isrsel is dealing with. So many countries say such nice things about Palestinians and they should help them with house to live free from Israeli combined arms


    Israel should also give up jerusalem since they aready cut off our right hand for it.
    Its a massive bulge in israel into the west bank and it creates a huge strain on israeli resources.
    Its nice to own Jerusalem but it shames the muslims and they dont like being shamed so who needs to smash our heads up against that wall.


    Gaza needs to be put in a giant barge and floated off the coast just like rikers island. Also israel should ise the same goy uae used to make those tacky islands and make a new island for gaza and call it palestine island and put all the nice gazans and fantastic west bankers there


    If gaza was a jail how come they managed to bring in rocket launchers and rockets?


    The Egyptians aren’t stupid. This will never happen.


    For the sake of peace, wipe Hamas off the face of the world


    the ideal solution would be for the 2.3 million gazans to live under strict jewish authority. where any infraction is punished with death. after many years of this they might learn to act like humans


    Did you know that for every Jew in the world, there are EXACTLY one thousand Muslims? There are a lot more Muslims than Jews, and because of that, politicians, news outlets, and social media can be swayed by the majority. I don’t know of a solution, but maybe if we identify one of the key problems, we can then work towards a solution, however difficult it may be. This is a numbers game.


    either you are seeing extra billions of muslims under your bed or you are not consider most of the Jews Jews … That’s OK. Many French college students think that there are more Jews in France than Muslims – so visible we are.

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