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    Why are we getting encouraged to get tested? Do you really think if we show that the percentage of cases in our community is lower, it will make any difference to Cuomo’s attitude toward us? There is no way that it will make a difference. He is using us as a scapegoat, and the mass testing will only be playing into his hands. Furthermore, anyone who tests positive (and there are false positives) will make things worse for himself, his family, his school (or members of his families schools) and the block in which he lives.

    Schools are sending home papers for parents to sign giving others the rights to test our children without our consent. Don’t sign!! You have no idea what rights you are signing away. Are the schools sleeping? How do they know it’s not like the story of Paroah in which he started working, and the Egyptians started helping, and then the jews did. Then Paroah stopped as did the Egyptians, and the jews were stuck and the labor became mandatory. I beg of you all. Don’t sign and don’t get tested!! Don’t get stuck in a trap in which there will be no escape c’v!!!

    Our only recourse is davening to Hashem to take away this terrible gezeira (and mageifa).

    This message should be passed on.

    Amil Zola

    Flowers, it could help sway public opinion, have you thought about that?


    @Amil Zola you live in the NW part of US why would you care?


    flowers, is it by any chance for you to daven together with your children? Do that in the morning. Then, open a sefer with them, then let them learn sefer by themselves, then put on to practice math, while you work, then go for a walk with them. Then, do some more work when they are sleep. Vary with ages, of course. You will feel less stress, you don’t need to think what tests school will do to your children, or whether you will get virus from kissing them. Try this for a week and let us know.


    Amil Zola: I guess you are talking about testing and not about signing the papers. It is a good point, however, how is public opinion sufficient if Cuomo is blaming us anyway, and if the media will spin things how they like regardless of facts? Now that the testing how supposedly brought down the numbers, we’ll see if it had any effect. Will Cuomo stop laying the blame on our doorstep?

    Always_Ask_Questions: Do you enjoy mocking other people’s opinions?


    flowers, I am giving you a sincere suggestion, not trying to mock. Would keeping kids at home help resolve your concerns? If not, what are the issues?

    It worked for a lot of people this year, and did not worked for others. In some general areas, 30-50% of parents have positive experience with online learning. I would think, that Jewish parents will be even more keen on teaching their children. Again, not everyone is happy, but there is enough encouraging experience.

    Amil Zola

    Well Common I still have family living in NY and NJ. They’re not happy about limiting their lives, but they do, if it means helping to halt the pandemic. Another reason for my concern is putting a positive face on frum Jews. Too often all non Jews know about the frum are the negatives, kids not learning to read basic English, tax frauds, money laundering, rabbis molesting kids, communities ignoring child molestations by community members. Yea it happens among all folks, but for a visible minority like us it points out some major hypocrisies that the community choses to ignore. Let’s face it the measles epidemic wasn’t exactly good press.

    As you mentioned I live in the PNW, it’s not exactly the known Jewniverse like NY and NJ. That means we stick out like sore thumbs. Our public behavior reflects on all frum and may cause the non Jews to see us in a very negative light if all they read about frumma are the issues I mentioned above.

    I have no doubt that you and others will disagree with me. But it may be worth your time to explore a different POV. Not only am I an outsider to your community,but I’m frum.

    Amil Zola

    With regards to ‘signing papers’. Those are informed consent papers that must be signed by the parents prior to the minor children being tested. As an adult you would also sign those same papers.


    @Amil, I have been doing business in the PNW for the past 25 Years, I am visibly frum person and have only been treated with respect in MT. ID. and WA. the only place i got snide comments was in OR. from the far left type of people.
    I also never had the chutzpa to tell the local yidden how to live the lives.

    Amil Zola

    Ok Common, I’ll admit it. I got sucked into your trolling. Have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow.


    100% don’t get tested. Coumo and diblasio are either antisemites or trying to suppress the frum vote! There is no other reasonable explanation for their actions.


    Always_Ask_Questions: I am not sure how you are responding to my OP. The schools have sent home a form asking parents to sign a consent that their child should get tested. I cannot imagine that any good can come out of it, andit only gives a sense of foreboding. Your post does not respond to anything I said.

    Amil Zola: An adult does not need to sign a form to take a blood test or throat culture.

    Now that the percentages are down due to boro park screening drives, Cuomo has changed his “red zones” from zip codes (which no longer show elevated covid-19 percentages) to blocks. Showing him (by testing) that his excessive vigilance in “stopping” the virus is not necessary won’t work since he has an agenda.

    Now tell me: what does he intend to do with those “blocks” that show cases of covid-19? It is extremely scary. Having a plan against a zip code is a lot harder to implement than with having a plan with a block. And then another block, and then another block until it’s the whole zip code.

    What shall we do? Daven to Hashem. Only He can help us.


    flowers. Repeating: you are concerned with forms and testing you are getting from school. You are also concerned about relationship between schools and government. I am suggesting a solution – take your kids from this toxic environment, where either or both school and government are doing something wrong and may hurt your kids. Keep them at home until situation resolves.


    Always_Ask_Questions: I got you. Nevertheless, the school didn’t mention that if the parent doesn’t sign, the child cannot go to school. And I didn’t sign the form, so so far, no concern and I don’t need to keep my children home from school BH.


    flowers – I am suggesting to invert the question: instead of asking “Do I need to keep children home”, ask “Do I need to send them to school”? I don’t know your personal circumstances. The answer might as well be yes, but you uoght to consider it.

    As to asking Hashem, there is an idea of asking Hashem to help you make a wise decision first, rather than first come up with a decision on your own, and then ask Hashem to give it to you.


    Found interesting information for those who ask – why can’t we roam the streets while others are doing protests.

    Statistical analysis of protests in May showed no increase in COVID cases in the cities with protests.
    Main reason – people in these cities stayed home more and increased social distancing after the protests started. Overall effect on cases is slightly below zero, so presumably – some increase in those who protest and decrease in those who stayed home. Look for research by Joseph Sabia for more info.

    So, if you plan on protests, please make sure you block and scare away others from risky activities – subways, shopping centers, shuls, schools.

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