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    A top rabbi said that no one has ruach hakodesh today.

    And other rabbis have also said that today’s generation does not have ruach hakodesh.

    But then people ask rabbis life questions because rabbis are believed to have ruach hakodesh, or the power to know what to tell people to do with their lives.

    How does a rabbi get the authority to tell people how to live their lives, besides halacha?

    There are SO many rabbonim.

    How does it happen that one becomes a leader of a congregation or movement? Does having authority over many people give one more power?

    Are the hidden 36 tzaddikim going to rabbis for life advice too?

    Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts and clarity 🙂



    From what I understand it’s a different type of ruach hakodesh. Sometimes even asking a friend and receiving a reply or receiving multiple same answers from different people is sort of ruach hakodesh. Obviously not like asking Moshe Rabbeinu. Although even with Rabbis one must be careful. After all most are just human.



    A small number of tzadikim today have Ruach HaKodesh.


    Not all rabbis are the same.


    Although even with Rabbis one must be careful. After all most are just human.

    The others are frogs?


    Little Froggie

    DY: ‘scuse me!?


    Yeah, I figured you’d jump on the opportunity to respond.


    Little Froggie

    and LB:

    Obviously that “top Rabbi” doesn’t have Ruach HaKodesh… So how is he to be believed regarding others?!? Isn’t that ludicrous?!

    Along the same lines: those who claim there is no Daas Torah, obviously did not have Daas Torah, isn’t it ludicrous for them to make a statement regarding Daas Torah?!?



    I’m a Rabbi and I knew you would ask that question, so yes we ddo.



    Whether or not they have Ruach Hakodesh, they certainly have Zchus Ovois



    Does 36 hidden tzaddikim mean that they all have to be disguised as non-tzaddikim?



    I think of myself as a rabbi, and I don’t think I have Ruach HaKodesh. maybe I am just an Anav


    Little Froggie

    RY: Some are disguised behind their known tzidkus. Meaning – their true greatness and piety is far beyond what they are known in public as and for.



    LF: Good point. But don’t rabbonim get their info about ruach hakodesh from a lineage of scholars? Aren’t they relaying a message that isn’t ludicrous?

    …Also, is this “do [at least some] rabbonim today generally have ruach hakodesh” question a maklokes?


    LB – I am no expert on ruach hakodesh and I welcome corrections but I just wanted to help out with something. I am hearing that you may have an incorrect perception of ruach hakodesh and I wanted to see if I could give you a better version. I am speaking super simplistically and invite corrections from fellow posters.
    The Ruach Hakodesh that our Gedolim have is a level of insight, divinely inspired. It is not like getting prophecies or voices from Hashem with messages but rather knowledge and understanding that Hashem gives them. Some have a clarity that includes knowledge of future or past occurrences, insight into the obstacles or decrees against which a person fights or struggles a person has. Some gedolim have said that it is not Ruach Hakodesh but just pure clarity. That knowledge of Torah at such a deep level can give them the ability to see truth as it applies to that person. (I think they are just downplaying the RH out of modesty)

    So it isn’t like a secret that gets passed down or a ritual, it is a connection to Hashem and a clarity of Truth that is acquired through completely immersing oneself in Torah and refraining from exposure to tumah. Our neshamos (if I recall what I have learned) have this clarity and connecting closely to your neshama gives you this Holy connection to Hashem.


    Obviously that “top Rabbi” doesn’t have Ruach HaKodesh… So how is he to be believed regarding others?!? Isn’t that ludicrous?!

    According to that logic, the gemara could not have stated that there is no longer ruach hakodesh, yet it does.
    (I’m not arguing that there can’t be a lower level of ruach hakodesh than the gemara is referring to.)

    ת”ר משמתו נביאים האחרונים חגי זכריה ומלאכי נסתלקה רוח הקודש מישראל
    סנהדרין י


    Excellent post, Syag.



    There is a reason that disgusting post did not go through the first time.



    It should be noted that the Ohr Hachaim 6:3 writes that Ruach Hakodesh ceased to exist after the destruction of the BH . However ,some great invidiuals had a chelek of Ruach Hakodesh after the BH was destroyed. Seemingly after the gemar was completed Ruach Hakodesh ceased altogether and not even reiach Hakodesh remained. So actual RH has ceased acc to the Ohr Hachaim,but great Rabbanim still exist and there is ofcourse Siyata Dishmaya which exists . The Ramabam in Moreh Nevuchim explains that the closer one is to HaShem the more hasgacha there is for that person. So it seems that those special invidiuals who are close to HaShem in terms of bitachon and limud HaTorah have divine assistance albeit not in the form of RH,but rather in the colloquial sense. See the Mesoros Moshe 3 pg.374 where Rav Moshe explains that no nevua exists today and if one would read the criteria for nevua from the Rambam one would clearly understand why that is the case. The Ohr Hachaim is a great source to understand how RH ceased to exist ,ayin sham.


    Little Froggie

    Syag: You put it down beautifully!

    and DY: I’m almost sure the Gemarrah there is referring to actual prophesy, Nevuah, certainly a higher category than Ruach HaKodesh. So yes, they were divinely inspired to discern that prophesy departed with the passing of those three Neviim.


    I’m almost sure the Gemarrah there is referring to actual prophesy, Nevuah, certainly a higher category than Ruach HaKodesh.

    There are any number of levels of “ruach hakodesh”. My point is that obviously subsequent generations have the ability to discern when the level has dropped.


    Little Froggie

    Hear you…


    thank you DY and Froggie



    WB sam4321!



    It does a great danger to discuss this topic. If one thinks a Gadol has Ruach HaKodesh there are people who will specifically find something they were wrong about (and unfortunatly those things come up, Most famously with the Holocaust) and then discredit everything else they say




    There is a reason that disgusting post did not go through the first time.
    May be u should look up the definition of “ruach”before u start using your own “ruach hakodesh” to determine what i mean or dont mean.

    If I need ruach hakodesh to know what you mean then I delete. Especially when it appears pretty obvious what you might have meant. 



    🍫Syag Lchochma: Your post was so beautiful and insightful!!!

    Thank you thank you for your wonderful explanation 🙂💖🐦


    Little Froggie

    I know (with my Ruach HaKodesh) someone who always uses the Holocaust to “prove” that Chachamim never had, nor will have Ruach HaKodesh, Taas Torah and etc.

    And he’s wrong every single time (he doesn’t have Ruach HaKodesh!)

    They use the mantra (they were indoctrinated, force-fed, since youth) “look at this great Rabbi, why didn’t he save his Kehilla?” And they attempt, with that and other ploys, over and over again, to try to lessen our adherence to Chachmei, Gedolei Yisroel. They try time and again to wean us from our עיני העדה…

    I believe I once answered those claims (many years and many screen names ago!) I’ll try now – from memory:
    1) A Tzadikkk’s Ruach HaKodesh comes from “Kodesh” – HaShem (Oh really?!) So although HaShem generally stands by and guides his closest, HaShem, in His infinite intelligence, for reasons we as mortals cannot fathom, decides at times to withhold his assistance.

    2) That era was an era unparallel in Jewish history, actually in all of world history. A time of Heavenly “Anger” (ריתחא). A great, painful הסתר פנים (again – for reasons known only to HaShem) where HaShem so to speak turned His face away from His nation. And we’ve heard from our Greats – they felt their divine assistance vanished. ואבדה חכמת חכמיו ובינת נבניו תסתתר, a great a fearful prophesy, was said regarding this terrible era. So NATURALLY some Gedolim lost their powers. Others were extended unquestionable Ruach HaKodesh EVEN in that horrible period.

    3) Certain Gedolim understood all too well, and decided it was better to perish in this world and not in the next. It was Nebach done all through our long and bitter Galus. We mention a few on Tisha Ba’av, where a father would take his children…



    I can’t recall in which parsha he writes it, but Rabbeinu Bachai on Chumash, explains ruach hakodesh as levels, and interestingly puts r”h at the top__ calling it nevuah, and what WE commonly call r”h is at the lowest level. If my memory is correct, he refers to your gemarah in Sanhedrin as proof that the gemarah r”h outright nevuah.
    Of course, there’s also Bas Kol, and I believe he writes about that also.


    Uncle Ben

    What are all of you talking about? You all have Ruach Hakodesh. At least all of you that say Selichos. You all say “ורוח קדשך אל תקח ממני”!


    Avi K

    ZG, I heard that there is a lower level – siata d’Shemaya. BTW, the Gra says that already with Yeshayahu there were no actual nevi’im but chozim, which is a lower level. He calls the former a clear window of a foggy window and the latter a foggy window of a foggy window.



    Avi K,
    He’s probably expanding on “aspaklaria ham ‘eirah” and she’eino m’eirah.. Rabbeinu Bachai in parashat Voeirah writes that only Moshe’s nevuah was m’eirah, not the neviim, not even the 3 avot. He goes on to say that eino m’eirah is still strong and awesome but doesn’t provide the same strong light that Moshe saw, which was panim el panim.

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