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    So when terrorist attacks happen on Channukah, chas v’shalom, it’s pretty obvious to people committing terrorism that there is a chag and maybe they especially want to attack then.

    A) But do people planning terrorist attacks know that it’s the 3 Weeks?

    B) Or is the spiritual effect of this time that gets to them subconsciously?

    If A is true, then B may also be true.

    But I am wondering if B is true without any A.

    What does the Torah say? When the Beis Hamigdash was destroyed and then the Second Beis Hamigdash, were the destroyers aware of the timing?

    Thank you and sending everyone blessings 🙂



    LB: Many tragic events happened on Tisha B’av including the expulsion from Spain in 1492 and the start of WWI which invariably led to WWII and the Shoah.

    I would suggest you read Rabbi N. Scherman’s introduction to the ArtScroll Megillas Eichah which discusses the concepts you are asking about.



    The Jewish calendar is not just about commemorating events that happened long ago, but an element of those events exists in that time for all times, and we relive it each year. So the three weeks, and especially the first 9 and 1/2 days in Av, is a time of kitrug (lit. prosecution, but it means that we are held more accountable for our wrongdoings), din (judgement) and hester panim (Hashem’s Providence is hidden from us). Without Hashem’s compassion, we are found lacking. As a result, many tragedies R”L have happened during this time period. We try to avoid potentially dangerous situations like traveling, swimming during the 9 days. We avoid court cases, since we want a positive outcome. The people who persecute us may not have been aware of the timing, they actually try to hurt us all the time, but we are more vulnerable particularly during the 3 weeks/9 days.



    The start of World War I did NOT start on Tshiva B’Av. I dont know who started that theory, but its not true

    There was no official start of World War I, It took a few months to get going as it began as dominoes fell. The one event that started the dominoes to fall was the assisination of Archdule Franz Ferdinand which was on June 28,1914, the 4th of Tammuz

    As a side note July 4, 1776 was Shiva Assar B’Tammuz



    And what if they know it’s the three weeks? Terrorist attacks unfortunately occur throughout the entire year



    To Zahavasdad: In 1914, Tisha B’Av was Aug. 2 (since Aug. 1 was Shabbos). The war began on July 28 with Austria declaring war on Serbia, and by Aug 4 the last of the major powers was involved with Britain declaring war on Germany. It is quite reasonable to say that the war began on Tisha B’Av. It took only a few days for all the countries to declare war, and they then proceeded to have a bloodbath in August, at the end of which they were out of ammunition and the war settled into the war of attrition for which it is infamous.



    While Europe was a Power Keg waiting for war, Austria would not have declared war on Serbia had not a Serbian Nationalist assisanted Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28. The assisation of Franz Ferdinand is generally accepted as the event that began World War I

    World War I was not like World War II, which officially started when Germany Invaded Poland on September 1, 1939



    re: WWII dates. Germany and Poland starting fighting on Sept. 1. Britain and France didn’t declare war for several days. The British dominions took a few more days (except for Ireland which declared neutrality). The United States didn’t declare war until the end of 1941. The Soviet Union entered the war on the side of the Germans in September 1939, and switched sides two years later when Germany attacked them. The Japanese and Chinese had been shooting it out for some time, and Ethiopia had been at war with Italy since 1936. Arguably World War II ended around 1991 when the Allied occupation of Germany finally came to an end.

    World War I began in a more organized way, reflecting the stable and structured world of the “proud tower” (as one historian called it) that the war undermined.



    To say that WWI started on 9’Av, which invariably led to WWII is classic Artscroll grasping-at-straws to fit their agenda. As others have said above, WWI does not have a clear start date. And secondly, to say that WWI caused WWII is is ridiculous, because, ignoring the fact that all wars have myriad causes, that argument can be taken back indefinitely. What led to WWI?, etc…



    “What led to WWI?, etc…”

    The chet of the meraglim (you cried for nothing, I will give you something to cry about), which delayed going into e’y, which ultimately led to moshe rabbeinu not leading the bnei yisroel into e’y, eventually made its way to the churban bayis rishon and sheini, this long galus and all its trials and tribulations. When did the bnei yisroel cry for no reason? The night of tisha bav. So, one can legitimatelystate that everything IS rooted in tisha bav.

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