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    Hi, anyone live in israel and knowws about getting on to bituach leumi?


    Try looking on the nefesh b nefesh website.


    no no. look in the newcomers guide. always. for everything. theyre amazing and generally totally accurate. i live here and am on it.


    Before you can get onto Bituach Leumi you have to have been in the country on a visa for 183 days (6 months). The 183 days don’t have to be done in 1 go.

    You then need to fill out 2 forms 1 for thr whole family and 1 for each member of the family.If you have kids you should also fill out the kitvah yeladim forms although you don’t have to do this to join Bituach Leumi.

    When you apply for it you need 2 take with you 2 copies of your contract, your passports (the picture page and your visa page).If you are in yesshiva aletter from it.

    You also need your whole families daf knisot veyetziot which you can get from Bituach Leumi.

    In the mir you can get the forms and a letter telling you exactly what you need to take with (I’m not sure if the list above is 100 percent right)

    A few weeks after applying you should get a letter from them with your Bituach Leumi numbers you have to take them to the post office with your wife and choose which kupat choilim you want to be on.

    You will also get a bill charging you lemafraya for the last 6 months for Bituach Leumi.

    After going to the post office you need to go to your kupat choilim and let them know about the changes.

    You can then claim your money you have spent the last 6 months on kupat choilim back. You have to send a letter to someone I don’t remember who but its also on the mir paper.

    Any more questions feel to ask.


    like i said- check the newcomers guide.


    Thanks for the info.. actually found a really good website which has loads of this sort of useful info – its called if anyone’s interested.


    It used to be the case that you had to be on a student (or similar) visa for those 183 days. Is this still the case?

    If it is, then it’s often worthwhile for even bochuring to get the visa straightaway in order to start the clock ticking asap.

    The only thing it might affect is claiming back VAT when you take purchases out the country (not sure about this).


    yes i think so, but either way bochurim need a visa while studying in israel. But it will help them once they get married for bituach leumi. another thing that’s useful to know that it said on that website is that once someone gets engaged before they go back to chutz la’aretz for the wedding they should make an appointmetn at misrad hapnim for their wife to get a visa so that she doesnt have to wait another 2-3 months to get an appointment once she arrives.

    once u have a visa u cant claim tax back


    Here’s a really crazy idea.

    How about finding a job and not needing to live off the state money? How about letting the state keep that money so it can be spent on building new hospitals, on supporting elderly survivors of death camps?

    What makes you feel entitled to this money?

    As for me, the only time I took bituach leumi funds was when I had lost my job (when me and my entire department of ~80 people were made redundant). Aside from that, I never got anything from the state (except for ‘sal klita’ and a little bit of housing benefits as an oleh chadash).

    I found a job less than 4 weeks after I came to EY. If I could do so, as a young immigrant without any real job experience, then surely you can do so as well. And if you can’t, then maybe you shouldn’t go there. What gives you the right to move to E”Y and live off other people’s tax money if you’re not even planning to go to work?


    TCG – Kol HaKovod for not taking state funds when you were in EY, but how did you have Kupat Cholim? Most people get on Bituach Leumi so that they will have health insurance. The fact is that when you register your children for the same coverage, you automatically get the kitzva. Everybody does. Anybody coming now will not get anything more than another person with the same number of children. A person who works pays for his Bituach Leumi – it comes out of his pay. A person who is not working has a standard monthly fee that they pay. What’s the big deal?


    chill out. you dont get that much. why dont you have the same tayna on everyone in any country that pays any benefits to any of its citizens? i hope you dont use any public facilities or even the city sewer system. go find a hut somewhere in a remote mountain and dont get hanaah from anyone. ya, im kuched.


    Yeah Toi, you and me both!


    Of course kitzvat yeladim is not the same thing.

    I assumed the poster was talking about benefits for the unemployed.


    Here’s all the information copied from the Newcomers’ Guide website:


    Only tourists who are students (i.e. learning in a yeshiva or school) with an A1 or A2 visa, or an A4-A5 (ie. spouse or child of a student) when accompanying someone with an A1 or A2 visa, can get on to Bituach Leumi. In order to get on to Bituach Leumi, you must be living in Israel for 183 days (they do not have to be consecutive) within one year of the day you received your visa.


    1. Passports of each family member.

    3. 2 copies of a letter from yeshiva/school which states s/he is a student there (if relevant)

    4. 2 copies of your Chozeh (legal rental/purchase contract) valid for a year. Include the Teudat Zehut (ID) number of your landlord.

    5. 2 copies of Valid visas for each family member. (A1, A2 or A4, NOT a Tourist Visa)

    Note: You can stop by at Misrad Hapnim on the way to Bituach Leumi, as it is around the

    corner. Get a number at the main desk in Misrad Hapnim on the second floor and wait

    in the big room to your left. When it is your turn, you will present your passport and will

    arrives in person. (Going earlier on in the day may help you avoid a longer wait.)

    7. 2 copies of marriage certificate.

    8. Color passport pictures of family members over the age of 18.

    9. Completed form which is received at Bituach Leumi. You need one for each family member and a copy of it. Make sure that where asked for reason that you’re in the country, you write that you want to live Megurei Keva (Permanent Residence) in Israel.

    Note: there is a copy machine in the building. The cost is 30 agurot per copy.

    When registering for the first time, the husband must personally go down to the office. (He can represent the rest of the family.)

    It can take up to two months to be processed, after which you will receive Bituach Leumi cards in the mail. You may be billed retroactively for all the time since you had appropriate visas. If you were paying for Kupat Cholim privately in the interim, you can send a request to Bituach Leumi to receive credit for that time. (Include original receipts of Kupat Cholim payment.)

    Note: Being registered does not help for children born afterward, unless they have a Teudat Zehut. They must subsequently be registered for themselves. To do this only one parent needs to be present .

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