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    catch yourself

    We know so many stories of incredible strength of character and unbelievable self sacrifice exhibited by Kedoshim over the generations.

    Looking around, I see so many people (myself included) who get terribly worked up over ridiculously insignificant things. When you see people fighting over parking spots, it is difficult to imagine them sharing a crust of bread in a barrack.

    I often wonder, if there would ?? ????? be a Holocaust- or Inquisition-type persecution of the Jews nowadays, how would we deal with it? Would we have the gevurah to withstand the nisyonos in a way even remotely comparable to what our grandparents did? Would our grandchildren be able to recount our stories of survival with the sort of pride which adorns our own family legends?


    I think it’s just human nature to be caught up with irrelevant things and lose sight of the big picture. It’s also human nature to come to the aide of those in need and to come together in times of trouble.

    People often ask why Jews, especially Israelis fight among each other. We are all family, sometimes, families fight but when needed, we all come together.

    No need to be harsh on yourself or others, it’s just how people tick. We all need to just try to keep things in perspective and not get worked up over nonsense.


    I think (and this is my own personal opinion) that if we were thrown in a situation, we would be able to handle it. Hashem never gives us something that we would never be able to handle. (Does that even make sense. I think there were too many nevers in that sentence) Anyhoo, this is the reason Hashem gives us these challenges. To show us what we are capable of and what we can handle. If we didn’t have these challenges we wouldn’t know if we would be able to handle it. (Im not saying that we should ask to be put in these situations. We say in davening in the morning “V’lo Leedai Nisayon…”

    My humble opinion. So Yeah.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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